What is the 10 years Challenge App?

The latest trend these days on the social media is the 10-year challenge which has been done by individuals as well as stars from the well-known industry.

This 10-Years Challenge which is actually a challenge of the moment is right now streaming on Instagram, which is actually a unique race which compares two photos, be it even your selfie, and these should be probably ten years away from each other.

It is more of a simple collage which contains two photographs, which can be obtained through different apps. This has become one of the most trending ideas these days where not all a common man, but many popular faces have come up with their college on the internet.

Also, ten years is a huge gap for some, and others find it not a big gap which could have highlighted some of the somatic changes which have occurred during the growth.

10 years Challenge App
10 years Challenge App

How do you take part in the 10 years Challenge App?

For taking part or participate in the 10YearsChallenge all you need to have is a social account, which would preferably be an Instagram or Twitter or a Facebook account and follow the trend of the photo of you which would date back to 2009 that is 10 years ago and get an app which is useful to create a collage to share.

Once you have chosen to share your collage, you will need to put the correct hashtags in order to increase the likes and views of your post. So, these are some of the most common hashtags which are being used to share the photos: the 10 Years Challenge on Instagram has: # 10yearschallenge, # 10yearchallange, # 10Year 48 thousand posts, # 10yearsold 320-mile post, # 10yearanniversary, # 10yearslater, # 10yearschallengephoto.

How can you post your photos in the Instagram, Twitter and on other Social Media?

The most useful collage app for the 10 Years Challenge, is the Instagram Layout which has been serving as the official app of the social network which also allows you to create in just a few steps some of the most useful collages for the challenge of the moment.

For posting through the Instagram Collage Layout, you will need to open the app and give the required approval to the application for accessing to the contents of your image library or your mobile Gallery and then allow it to select the photo belonging to 2009 from your library and then one photo from the present.

Now you will see that the app has automatically imported 2 photos from 2 different time periods 10 years apart and now you just need to select the layout which is just the right for you.

The fifth is just the right as it correctly divides the two photos which are to highlight. Just touch the photo to adjust, enlarge it or reduce its size. Once you are satisfied with it, click save and post it on Instagram or Facebook.


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