2movierulz.ac Apk [2019 Latest Version] For Android & iOS PC

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About 2movierulz.ac Apk

2movierulz.ac Apk: Today many applications are to be installed in our smartphones and try it. One of which is 2movierulz.ac Apk which can help to hack devices of others who are around you. The look and features of 2movierulz.ac Apk is similar to Dokkaebi’s and so people are installing it on their phone. 

Yes, you heard it right but to make it possible other devices near you must also have 2movierulz.ac Apk. Only having the app in the device is not enough but also it is must be open and on the same Wi-Fi network or paired through Bluetooth.

2movierulz.ac Apk
2movierulz.ac Apk

This app is available on Bluetooth but chargeable and so people avoid it. But if you are also willing to call others through this app just follow below-mentioned steps: 

  • 2movierulz.ac Apk is not installed from play store and so it is required to make changes in the device. So, to settings -> security -> Enable “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now again go to the folder where your apk is been downloaded and click on it for installation.
  • Wait for few seconds to get the app installed on your device and start the app.

Describe 2movierulz.ac Apk? 

This app is capable to call other devices without actually using calling functionality. Devices which are having this app and connected through Bluetooth or on same Wi-Fi can interact with each other through the app. 

In the main screen of the app, you can find the list of Bluetooth devices which can be called as your wish. There is also a “Run hack” button clicking on which will help to trigger the activity and receiving mobile would have a vibration or some other animation. It can also be sued to call the device by pairing through 2movierulz.ac Apk. 

The receiver mobile can stop animation by pressing the back button or close the app. There is also an option where time limit can be set and after completion, it will stop automatically. 

Features Of 2movierulz.ac Apk

  • It permits to hack other devices which are connected by Bluetooth or have the same Wi-Fi.
  • It also has an option where you can set alarm so that the app will hack your mobile itself and start ringing or vibration.
  • Authorization by other device is required to get connected and so it is safe to use the app.
  • Automatic time out and easy way to get out of connection is in hands of receiver and connector both.

People who think that they are hacking data or something confidential from other devices through the app are wrong. This is a single gaming type app where you can call or communicate with other devices through the app. There is all type of security while connecting different devices on the same network.


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