About 2nd Line Apk

2nd Line Apk
2nd Line Apk

There are many productivity apps on the play store that is very useful from a business perspective. The demand for such apps is very high, so many developers have various options. One such app is the “2nd Line Apk,” which is the second phone number used to have the free calling and even messaging from your Android phone. 

It is U.S. or Canada 2nd phone number that people can use for their business and is compatible with android phones and tablets. The app can easily be installed on your device and free to use.

What is 2nd Line Apk?

2nd line premium apk download
2nd line premium apk download

The name itself says that it is the 2nd Phone number of Us or Canada. This number works with android phones and even tablets. This type of app is mainly from entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for a 2nd number of business purposes. It does not mean you need to have a second device and two different phone numbers can be included in a single tool.

It allows us to have free calls to U.S. and Canada for business purposes. Don’t worry if you are required to have international calls at a cheap rate; this app is the best solution. Just add money to your virtual account and make as many international calls at the most competitive prices. Mobile professionals or freelancers can find this app very helpful as calling U.S. and Canada is free.

How to install 2nd Line Apk?

If you too are looking for 2nd Line Apk for business purpose, follow below mention process:

install 2nd Line Apk
  • Visit the site https://2ndline.en.aptoide.com/app and click on the download option.
  • It will start the download of the apk in your device. Before clicking on the downloaded apk file, make changes in settings of your device. Go to android settings -> security -> Enable “Unknown Sources.”
  • Go back to the folder where your apk file is already installed and click on it to start the installation process.
  • Wait for few minutes to get the app successfully installed and you will get your 2nd phone number for business purposes.


2nd line us phone number apk download
2nd line us phone number apk download
  • It allows us to make U.S. and Canada phone calls for free. The app also gives the option to make and receive video calls through this 2nd number.
  • It is a completely customized app that can change the backgrounds, text tone, vibration, and even ringtone.
  • 2nd Line Apk allows having two numbers be used from a single device. Mobile professionals working with the team can find it quite cost-effective and useful as there is no need for 2nd device while you are making free calling.
  • This second number can be shared with friends and business colleagues to call and send messages.
  • It is equipped with Caller ID so that you can know who is calling before actually picking up the call.
  • As said, this app is mainly for business purposes; it also has a passcode facility. So, messages can be stored under lock and can be kept confidential.
  • Transcription of voicemail is also possible on this number. In all, you are getting every service that people use with their first phone number.


  1. Can you send text and picture messages?

Yes, 2nd line app allows you to send unlimited text messages and picture messages through it for Canada and U.S. The app also allows you to add your signature to each text so you can beck the authentication with it.

  1. Is it free to call with this 2nd number?

2nd line app is mainly to call U.S. and Canada numbers for free with Wi-Fi or cellular network. Moreover, text, picture, emoji’s, etc. can also be sent with this app. International calling is also very cheap with this app and so getting 2nd phone number can prove very helpful in your business.

2nd line app is one of the best solutions for people looking for a 2nd number accessible through a single device. It allows us to have free calls and messages to people living in the U.S. and Canada. Business entrepreneurs who are looking for cheap international calling can also opt for this app. So, without 2nd thought, try this app out and enjoy free calling.