47 Apps Banned In India

47 Apps Banned In India
47 Apps Banned In India

47 Apps Banned In India – As we all know India has banned nearly 59 Chinese apps that even include the most popular TikTok. But there are clone apps that work the same as the banned apps and many others that are still used in India. So, the government decided to take action against these new 47 Chinese apps and are planning to ban it. 

These apps were banned by India to maintain the sovereignty and integrity of India. Moreover, there were safety and security issues that led to instant action against China-owned apps. Some of the apps that were earlier banned include Cam Scanner, UC Browser, Likee, Share it, etc. There is a clone of apps that work the same and owned by China and so the Indian Government has banned these new apps too. 

The clone app includes CamScanner HD, lighter versions of Bingo Live, Helo, etc. These clone apps are just to fool government but all in vain as the Indian government has found it and decided to ban every such app from India. The ban of these new apps is under the provision of Section 69A on the Information Technology Act. It was great harm to the privacy and security of Indian people who were using the app.

Why 47 Apps Banned In India?

47 Apps Banned In India List
  • These apps are banned to protect the integrity and security of data. Some of these apps were harming the confidential information and it led to ban it completely from India.
  • The intense situation between India and China is one of the reasons why the Indian government has decided to ban the original and even clone apps from India.
  • The banning of such popular apps has made Indian developers come in action and develop these types of apps. So, now people would be using apps made it India which would also make India a self-dependent nation.


  1. Which are these new 47 apps banned in India?

India and China are not more in good terms as 20 Indian armies were died by Chinese soldiers. It led Indians to take action against them and many apps were banned in India. But still, clone apps were running and so to completely get rid of Chinese apps the Indian government banned these new 47 apps.

  1. How Chinese apps were harming personal data?

Chinese apps that are very popular all over the world have got the same fame even in India. But these apps were harming personal data and was not secure. It can put Indians in danger as confidential data were leaked to the Chinese government. So, immediate action was taken against all such apps.

Clone apps were running in the market with different names and developers so it was not initially detected. But as soon as the government got to know about it they were completely banned and even in the future, any such app would not be used in India. This decision has caused a great loss to the Chinese IT industry and even their economy. It is an initiative y the Indian government to take revenge against China and inspire Indian developers to come up with great solutions.