What is 9Apps App? Reasons To Download!

Have you guys ever hared about an app which contains a lot of games and apps just like the Google Play Store, If you heard then it is absolutely right hearing, There is App, we can’t say that its a simple app it is a Market or you can say it a store where every type apps, games are available for downloading This 9apps App, The most legend app ever :p

Most people see any famous app and they directly go to google play store for downloads like photos editing apps, books apps or any other wallpaper or ebook, Bu there is a lot of thing for keeping in mind about apps of play store. You can not download any third-party app from play store like 9apps Apk. When this happens, then we feel about the play store that it is a totally crappy store.

There is a solution for this, 9apps 2019 is specially built for those people who want to install any type of app on their smartphones. The display of 9apps App is simple more simple and amazing then Google Play Store all you need is click on an app for downloading. Learn how to download 9Apps APP Free for Android with the latest version.

9apps works as a library where you can arrange books, you can take and read any of book you want, Jus like this there are sort thing which arranged the games and apps, these are called categories. The 9apps App store is very large as compared to the play store. There are plenty of games for users and these all are free to download. Just like any download you have to click on the given download link for 9apps Apk Download.

 9Apps App
9Apps App

As I already published above that it is a third-party app, wait what does it means? it means that you can not download it on the Play Store. You have understood this. Think that if the play store is offering the download for 9apps App then who will use play store, why they promote their competitor. Hmm, it makes some sense niggas.

Method of Downloading 9apps App Apk

Download the app by clicking on Download Button given at the end buddies. When you click, it will redirect you to the download page from the official site. Even you can download 9Apps old version which was built in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Features Of 9Apps APP

  • There are a lot of apps and games you can download any of them without paying.
  • Simple, Amazing and user-friendly interface with great features.
  • Free download links from both Google Play Store and APK file.
  • All apps are in their categories you can navigate through all.
  • Easy install and uninstall.

Is downloading Apps & Games from 9Apps APP Safe? 

9Apps app provides you with all the best apps and free games which are real and completely free from virus. Each app or game is tested before making live on 9apps. People have the perception of considering all free and cheap stuff as crap but in the case of 9apps, that’s not true though.

The apk files for all the apps and games are completely virus free and are very useful. And moreover, with the introduction of 9Apps fast download, issues related to users has been solved. Check: 9App for Android

Why Should We Choose 9App?

As we all know, Android is the most popular Operating System and Play Store is the official app store for the Android platform there are millions of apps and, games, wallpapers, etc are available for download. But there are some of the major issues related to while downloading apps from the Play Store.

The most common is the paid android apps and games. There are certain games and apps which need to be paid in order to download. This was a huge problem in 2013, But the issue got solved when 9 App Download 2019 was launched it enabled millions of Android users to download and install paid and premium apps for free.

9Apps Apk
9Apps Apk

Difference between 9Apps APK and the Google Play Store?

Google Play Store:

  • Most Apps & Games are not free but Paid
  • It required a lot of internal storage
  • Complex & shabby user interface
  • In many apps, there are country restrictions
  • You can only download the current version

9Apps Apk:

  • All apps present on 9apps are free to install
  • It requires low internal storage
  • Very attractive, Simple and great interface
  • There is no country restriction
  • Older versions and newly created version both are there for download

Your buddies can clearly understand the Importance of the 9apps store. How this is beneficial for you.

9Apps One of the Great Store Of Apps & Games

9Apps Games store is nicely and neatly for India & Indonesia and many other countries. People living in India, Indonesia, Pakistan should try this legend app for once, as it is beautifully optimized for these countries. People keep getting ideas to maintain this app as long as you can.

Deep Features Of 9Apps App Store

The 9Apps store is compatible and can easily be used with almost all smartphones and tablets. So, as long as your device has Android OS (4.0.1 or above), or Windows 7, 8.1, 9, 10 or ( any version ) it is not going to disappoint you at all.

Bluestacks users must note this that when you first install this on your PC you have to restart your pc for once in order to work properly. To install 9Apps on Windows or Computer, simply download from Bluestacks and install it on your pc.

9app is a very light app, being merely 3-4MB in size. It will occupy less space in your android. Being a relatively lightweight app, one will experience that it will not crash and not auto turns off.

9Apps App Store
9Apps App Store

This app store has the highest number of apps, games and more things about 240000. 9Aps uses smart technology to keep track of users. It will help you to forward you to your desire app as you search it. It is based on your search history.

Why is 9Apps App Not In Play Store?

Most of us are trying to download 9Apps from the Google Play Store. But if you search it you will not find any app this because this is a third-party app. What is the reason for it? Actually, when we download any app from the play store is owned by Google, and that’s why 9apps is not in play store. Therefore these companies are competitors to each other for the purpose of these apps.

So should think about this, think if play stores involve this app in it it will be the promotion of their own competitor. So Google doesn’t want that to happen. Therefore they do not add this alternative Android market in their App downloading. So it is the reason for 9Aps not available in the Play Store. Thee are also fake apps on play store don’t download them.

Does Not Need Registration Or Login

When you use the google play store it needs a google account. Otherwise, you can’t log into the Play Store to download apps. So you have to create a Gmail account and register for the Play Store. But in 9apps you just need to download his and open this. You can get better apps than the play store. You can get apps freely and easily. No accounts or any type of registration needed.

9 Apps Games
9 Apps Games

9 Apps Games

Gaming is one of the best and coolest thing in android. From the beginning of the games, the first games were for PC, But now these are also available for Smartphones.  There hundreds of Smartphone Gamers in the world. So for them, this is a piece of great news. 9 apps app has a special category of games for them. It is all about the Games. So the Gamers can use it to download games they like most. T

  • Action Games
  • Adventure Games
  • Arcade Games
  • Board Games
  • Casino Games
  • Strategy Games
  • Racing Games
  • Educational Games
  • Simulation Games
  • Casual Games

You can select these GAMES FOR PLAYING. With these subcategories, we can easily find any game.

9Apps As Alternative Of Google Play Store

Regularly Android clients use the Play Store to download Android applications and games for recreation and entertainment. Since they think that it is the least demanding approach to download them. Play Store goes ahead of each Android gadget as a default application on the Android OS.

So it is one reason Android clients feel that the Play store is the least demanding method for downloading Android applications and amusements or the best way to download Android applications and games etc. Be that as it may, it’s not that all. There are other alternatives also. There are a few approaches to download Android applications and amusements like 9Apps Store.

In reality, one strategy for discovering and installing new applications for the smartphone is looking at an internet searcher like Google or Yahoo. After you look through these, you will have heaps of list items. So you can discover the application you need.

Yet, there is a drawback to this strategy. The drawback is you can’t locate the genuine download Link of the app. In some cases, one may get cheated or fooled by spammy links. At times the downloading records contain malware. So you need to locate an official webpage to download applications.


Certainly, there is a simple way of finding apps better to looking at Android applications using a Search engine. So what is an alternative Android app or market? In reality, an alternative Android market likewise an Android store simply like Google play. Be that as it may, we utilize them rather than the Google Play Store.

So’s they are called the Alternative Android Stores. 9Apps is also an Alternative Android store and market for downloading a huge collection of games and apps. The explanation behind an alternative or similar Android store like 9Apps is the Apps that Google Play does not have in its store. So to discover them, people use Alternative Android markets. There are different reasons as well.

9Apps Market/Store For Smartphones & Android

You realize that 9Apps is also an Android Apps Store. It is outstanding amongst other Android stores or markets at any point made for the Androids. 9Apps Apk Android application store has loads of good Apps, Games, Wallpapers, Screensavers than some other Android Storeadvertise.

That is the reason 9Apps has a lot of clients for downloading. This application can download into all Android smartphones. The 9Apps app is very lightweight. In this way, it’s run away at any Android mobile without a crash or stuck.

Is 9apps For PC Also?

As a matter of fact why we require an Android store on the PC. A few people get a kick out of the chance to play Android Games on the PC and use some Android apps on PC. So for that, they use an Android emulator. So then where they can download Android apps and games? For that issue, 9Apps App for PC is the best arrangement. You can download applications and games specifically to your PC through this App. Another best thing about this application is you can download Movies and Videos also.

9Apps Market
9Apps Market

Benefits Of 9Apps 

  • Free of cost: There is no cost and all applications accessible in the application store are free.
  • Goes about as a one-stop search for Android apps. You can get almost all Android applications in the store.
  • Usability: The application store has a simple interface.
  • Require low space: The application expends only 1.99 Mb of room on the gadget.
  • Deals with about all forms of Android Operating framework. 0.6.3 or higher
  • Accessible in 14 languages including English. This makes it more advantageous to use for those not knowing English.
  • Clients can download and appreciate games, videos, films, ringtones, backdrops, and so forth from the best and cheap store.

Search techniques of 9apps App

From the primary interface of 9apps mobile9, you can discover the huge apps just tapping a search you will discover a search bar with name home, app, game, theme, sticker, wallpaper, ringtone, video after that you will see some social tools and communication.

Are you experiencing virus or any other bug while downloading apps online at that point we will recommend you to use 9apps the main and best alternative of google play store where you can download thousands of apps it is the main application which is used in India by many people in India after Google play store?

The applications which are present in 9app are protected and there are no harmful things or apps. You can even download premium apps without being so curious because a large portion of the people in India uses this 9Apps App.

9app first checked and utilized and then moved to the internet as people have trust in the company. As it is also a very famous app. Indeed, even the space of 9app is of little size 1.5 MB which consumes low storage in your android storage.

9apps mobile9
9apps mobile9

How to search on 9Apps

Once you have downloaded the app, you can start searching for your favorite apps and games in the store of 9apps where hundreds of other apps are also present. Many search filters are available for the users in the store and using them users can filter apps by relevance or by category as they want.

Different Apps are categorized into entertainment, social, communication, media, and video, among many other apps in 9Apps. Choose the right category as you want and find apps and games that best suit your needs.

You can choose by category with this your search will be more relevant and apps or games will show up fastly and quickly, For instance, you will find only entertainment apps under the entertainment category and news apps under the news category and so on. This makes it easier and easier when you do not know the exact app name you want to install.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Which devices are compatible with 9Apps?

Any Android device that runs on Android or higher versions is compatible with 9Apps for download.

Is it available on iOs also?

9Apps are currently not available on iOs platforms currently. The developers are working on it they will announce it soon

How much does 9apps cost?

9Apps APK is offered absolutely free of cost. No cost is involved in downloading and installing this app.

How safe is 9Apps?

9Apps is 100% safe and safeguards each individual user’s privacy. The company tested and checked before making it live

What are all available in the store?

9Apps app store containsAndroid Apps. In addition, it also lists out apps, games, themes, stickers and wallpapers, ringtones, and videos.

Top 9Apps Games
Top 9Apps Games

Top Hottest Apps & Top 9Apps Games To Download

There are lots of games and apps that you can download free of cost from 9 apps store. 9Apps have developed many extra features for their beloved users like you can check trending applications or trending games. Some of the top apps are listed below in the article.

Whatsapp is a very popular Android social app n, using WhatsApp App you can voice call or video call to your friends or relatives without any cost. There are many other amazing features of Whatsapp. You can send photos, voice messages and important files to someone or your girlfriend.

Everyone knows about Facebook because it is one of the most popular social media networks in the world. And it is the very biggest social media platform now. Its the first social media that allows us to contact every one and become friends with them. Also, you can call or message anyone which is completely free of costs.

8 Ball Pool
8 ball pool games got popularity in a very short time. Everyone loves to play 8 ball pool since it released. Now the developers have added more options now it is 9 ball games. Basically, it is the game challenges.

MyJio App is only for those who use Jio, so they can check everything related JIO offers, check your balance, top up the balance, and internet data, etc.

Videoder is another most popular Android app that developed to stream live videos and download videos from youtube. By using this app you can download unlimited videos in HD quality.

9Apps Android Market
9Apps Android Market

9Apps Android Market

9Apps App has been dedicated provide all google play store apps. Not only stick with apk files it also has large collection themes and wallpapers. You can just search for any type of service you want and 9Apps Apk will show you all the apps in that category. 9Apps is Used by more than 5 million users worldwide.

9apps pro will surely get much popularity because it is the best alternative for google play store.

9Apps doesn’t install any app or game directly to your device like play store. It gives you options whether you install it or not it’s up to you. It only provides APK files for free download that you have to install manually.

Top 5 Features

Millions of Apps & Games: There are lots of games are there in the 9apps store. You can sort all downloads by trending, popular, category, genre or keywords.

Offline installation: All the games, apps, apks, wallpapers are the only source files. You can install these later on the device. As all the apps would be in our store, we can install them anytime offline, unlike the Google Play Store.

Unlimited downloads: As 9app is free APK store so there is no paid installation. You can download apps unlimited.

Safe & Secure: There are markets and stores for apps like Uptodown and Mobogenie, but 9Apps is the most secure of them all encoded via https on website and OWASP in the Android app.

Third-party apps: The best and amazing feature of the 9apps app is that it allows us to download any app within any country. There are no country restrictions. We can download third apps easily like vidmate, Snaptube, etc.


How to register/Sign up 9Apps?

To download free apps and games, you do not need to register for 9Apps. Nevertheless, if you are using 9Apps business or 9Apps trends, you just have to log in via the login panel of the 9Apps App. You can register for a new account at https://business.9apps.com/

How to download Apps & Games?

As you’ve already installed 9Apps APK, learn how to download these apps and games from 9apps. Please make sure that before downloading an app you must be connected to inter otherwise, the app will not download.

1) First, download and install the APK file it may be game or any other app. Now, open the 9Apps free app and search for apps. There are top trends section, Hot apps, and Popular apps. If you are new to android please visit trend option for good and best apps. As many people are using trend options knowing that how many peoples are using the same app.

2) Once you select the app, click on the app info. Here you can see app information size, system requirements, etc. You can switch between the latest and older versions also. To download directly without looking for App info, click on the ‘download 9apps’ button directly below the app icon.

3) 9Apps will download the APK file to your download folder in a memory card or internal storage. Now go to your download folder using default file explorer or ES file explorer. Click on the APK file and start installing it on your smartphone. You can uninstall all the apps by dragging the app icon to the top of the screen. Repeat the process to download more apps and games.

9Apps APK Free Download for Android (Latest Version) App Free

Manually you can download  9Apps APK on Android with the official link provided, we have given the link to get 9Apps APK Download for Android.

There are numerous markets and stores of apps that are accessible over the internet which offers free apps and games that are missing from known platforms. Also, 9apps apk is the most usable and free best platform among those. All the apps and games are accessible in many countries, you don’t need to worry about. In my point of view, it is a useful app. I personally experienced this app and this totally a good app then play store.

The application is accessible with no sticker price and it has been installed and used by a huge number of peoples up until now. 9Apps APK is a decent app for the default applications store application you were using t till now and I can guarantee you that it will enable you to discover better applications and games.

9Apps Download is not only that it is offering such good services, but it’s also far better than any other store and apps market over the internet. You should have a look at this app and its services which cheap but useful and descent.

In very short, you will feel addiction on the 9Apps app and there will be everything done and dealt with by the programmed methods which are involved inside.

So, first, let’s begin with details of this app, followed by how you can get it installed. But before that, you should need to install the 9apps app on your device before going ahead.

Now, let’s move forward to the details of this app. You should need these apps installation instructions and methods by which you can get better downloading.

9Apps APK Free Download
9Apps APK Free Download

9Apps APK Download Android Free:

You are looking for the genuine link of 9apps apk download, here is the link provided. The website will be opened which has the pure and genuine link of the 9apps App. Click on given link and download the app

Now, get connected to the smartphone you have, make sure this is compatible with the application’s requirements. Then transfer the 9Apps Apk file to the Card or internal storage.

Once the transfer got completed, you need to disconnect the USB connection and then move to your folder in which you saved the apk file setup.

Reasons To Install 9apps In Android Device

  1. The app is nicely checked by 9apps app team, so you don’t need to worry about any malware or any kind of virus. We will recommend you to download directly from 9apps Store
  2. The app size very small it only takes 8mb from your phone storage, it allows you to download any application straight on your SD card. This app also allows you to save the apps and can easily backup it. In this app, you will see 1000000 apps and games that you can download speedily with a good internet connection though.
  3. This 9Apps App does not have any memory issues, because it only needs 9mb to be installed, while the Google Play Store costs 65MB of your internal storage which actually slows down the whole phone.
  4. So, these were the reasons behind installing 9Apps Apk on your Android devices, I hope you understood the instructions that are well explained. Now, let’s have a look at how to download 9Apps on your android device as given below.

How to Download & Install 9Apps Apk for Android Device:

If you want to download 9apps Apk on your smartphones then you just need to do these given steps.

First, you must visit the website or its official website www.9apps.com to download the 9Apps app on your Android devices.
And then, Click on the given downloading link. When downloading has got completed, open the downloaded file and install it on your smartphones.

  • So before installing you must check the Setting Security.
  • Go to the Setting of your android and then >> Security >> scroll down.
  • Now click on the Unknown sources because it is not downloaded from the play store to allow installation.
  • And then go to the download file and click on install.
  • You will notice on the app file install or cancel.
  • Tap on the install button and wait for a few seconds to complete the installation.
  • Congratulation!! Your installation has been successful.

So, These are totally steps by which you can install manually your 9apps App on Android.

9Apps Apk Store
9Apps Apk Store

9Apps Apk Store/Market

The 9apps apk store comes up with a clean and simple interface that makes it easier for you to browse through all apps and games. The homepage consists of hottest apps in the store which contains a mixture of the best apps from different categories and are summed up by trending. The page also contains a download that contains a huge number of apps and games.

On clicking an app, this page will redirect you to the description and faqs of the app. The page will also provide the original screenshots of the app and user ratings. User rating helps a lot of dudes, it helps us to think whether it is a useful app or a crap one. You will also find the supported Android versions of a particular app and game and the last date when the app is updated.

The 9apps App store offers a wide range of applications, games, themes, stickers, wallpapers, ringtones, and videos for your Android phone and smartphones. The app categories included communication, transportation, entertainment, personalization, education, health, shopping, finance, etc. The 9apps categories are by themes, stickers, games, etc. You can choose your own choice.

Details Of 9Apps

Apk Size3.4 MB
Android Version Requires4.0 and up
CategoryFree Social APP

Content RatingRated for 12+

9Apps JAVA Apps & Games

On the other hand, 9apps JAVA provides the best Java apps and games. If you are not using any expensive or any smartphone phone and using a JAVA mobile, then the 9apps wallpapers and ringtones would fit in it perfectly according to the need of a phone. 9apps Apk provides plenty of High-Quality wallpapers and clarity ringtones that would enhance the look of JAVA mobiles also just like smartphones.

Though the platform does not offer any particular app for JAVA phones, you can still download them on your PC and later transfer the files to your JAVA mobile using a USB.

9apps also brought an opportunity for JAVA programmers as they are offering a lot of apps and games with the help of these programmers can learn JAVA. These apps are full of tutorials and beginners can also learn JAVA programming with them.

Few of them are great for newbie JAVA programming it contains short questions, quizzes, etc You can learn the core JAVA programs with categorized questions and answers and one-click programs and tutorials. These tutorials are very easy to carry.


As you can see, the 9apps is offering a huge number of apps which likely to be copyrighted, but these are genuine apps. Their apps will smoothly run on your mobile and give you a great and amazing game playing experience that you will never experience from other APK app stores. Their apps are faster and can easily be installed than any other store. The aim of 9apps App is to give the best experience of gaming and applications

For app developers, they provided the app on the internet and they want feedback from us. Those developers who had created the app and published it on Google Play store but play store rejected it due to conflict and then they published it on 9apps Apk, But that does not mean that 9apps will accept any type without being examined, instead, they test and examine the apps before making it live in the store.


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