What Is Adaway Apk?

Adaway apk is the best application to block or remove ads on all the websites that you like to visit. Pop-ups, Annoying ads, and useless advertisement are annoying on most of the websites, in order to skip all that use adaway app. AdAway is specially designed for Android devices to work perfectly with Android devices and it works nearly all the internet browsers like chrome, that available on your Android mobile.

Adaway works like an ad blocker, using an ad blocker, you are only able to block ads. But adaway have many more features instead of an ad blocker.

Adaway Apk


Just download and install adaway apk on your android device and surf without any annoying advertisements or popups. The Adaway application is smart and mostly its features are customizable and it works as you want. All of the features of the app will be explained below.

AdAway Apk Features

  1. Adaway allows you to block ads on any website so you can surf and use any website without any annoying ads.
  2. When you visit any website, Adaway blocks all the unwanted pop-ups.
  3. You can allow or disallow any website to show ads or pop-ups, or you can make a website’s list and save them to whitelist if you want them to show ads for you.
  4. For entertainment purpose, if you are watching any movie or video, then the video ads will be also blocked and you will enjoy whole the video without having ads.
  5. It is the similar app like tutuapp apk.

AdAway APK Download

In order to download adaway apk file, you need to visit our download section that is below. Because the adaway application is not available google play store, they do not support this kind of mod or hack app on their store. So you are only able to get its download file from our website or from its official website. But there is a much fake application with the name of it, so you download the adaway app from our store.

AdAway APK Download

Important About Adaway apk

There are some more important things before you download adaway apk from our portal. We want you to know all the features and needy information about adaway. So below you can check and know what important steps you need to take.

AdAway Root

This application works smoothly if you have rooted an android device. Most of the features would not work if your device is not rooted. So make sure you root your device first. If you do not root your device then most of the important features of it won’t work.

Adaway Virus

Adaway is a virus free application. So you guys have not to worry about it. The developer designed this app virus-free. I am also using this app on my mobile and I didn’t get any kind of virus on my device.

Youtube Adaway

Because as I mentioned in the first paragraph, that you can watch your favorite videos or movies without any annoying ads. You can block the youtube ads if you are watching any streaming video on youtube.

Adaway Browser

In our daily time, you always surf some kind website for entertainment purpose. And when you visit any website, they show you ads or some pop-ups, which is so annoying. Although you can also block or stop them permanently using adaway apk.


Install Adaway

If you have downloaded adaway latest version using our website or its official site. The second step is you need to root your device. In order to root your device, you can use kingroot or Root Explorer application that is available on play store. If you have successfully rooted your android smartphone, then install adaway apk and surf internet or watch your favorite videos without any ads.

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