Adidas Confirmed App APK

When we think about shoes or sneakers, one brand that strikes our mind is Adidas. It is one of the trusted and preferred brands for footwear, and many people genuinely trust this name. Adidas has introduced a new platform in the current pandemic situation where people can get access to the latest products. One who is willing to have shopping for new Adidas products must go for “Adidas Confirmed App.”

Adidas Confirmed App

What is Adidas Confirmed App?

People who trust blindly on Adidas products and are willing to access the latest curated collection will find Adidas CONFIRMED the best platform. Adidas Confirmed App would give the option to buy the original Adidas collection without stepping out of the home.

Moreover, users would be getting access to the story of Adidas and their community. The app’s interface is user friendly, and one would find it engaging to listed stories and creators of the brand.

Steps to install Adidas Confirmed App

This app is not available for all but don’t worry; you can still get in your device below mentioned steps:

  • First, download the ask file from 
  • Go to android settings -> security -> Enable “Unknown Sources” to make the app compatible with it.
  • Please navigate back to the folder where your apk file is already downloaded and click on it to start the installation process.
  • Wait for few seconds to get the installation complete. After successful installation, you would be able to get access to Adidas originals and stories behind it.

Features of Adidas Confirmed App

  • People who are unaware of the latest release of products can install Adidas CONFIRMED to get alerts for the newest release.
  • The app offers a safe and secure way to shop original Adidas products. Users would be able to get the latest curated collection through the app.
  • One can buy sneakers and apparel both through this confirmed app. 
  • The app allows tracking the orders and also give a sneak peek on your purchase history.
  • Users would able to know about the stories and interviews by the Adidas community. It would help them to decide which type of products will satisfy their requirements.


  1. Why install Adidas CONFIRMED?

People who genuinely believe in Adidas can get access to the original curated collection through the app. Moreover, they can meet the team behind the app consisting of art, streetwear, fashion, etc. Users of the app would also get engaged with the stories and interviews by the brand’s creator.

  1. How will Adidas CONFIRMED help to get access to the latest Adidas products?

One who wants to get the latest and original curated products will find the Adidas CONFIRMED the best platform. Users are notified every time a new product is released on this platform and secure purchase options.

Adidas CONFIRMED is the medium that would help people to connect with the Adidas community. It would let people know the story and interviews of the brand creators. Users would be able to have a conversation with the team and also get touched with their stories. As you cannot go out shopping, this app would give access to the original products from the comfort of your home.