What is the Amazing Taxi Simulator v2 2019 Apk?

Games are in the season and it is raining games everywhere on the internet. These days when the car driving simulation games have become the trend of world we have also got some very popular with players around the world.

Another one of the most popular and waited games in this addition is the game which can provide you with the best experience possible and this is none other than the Taxi Simulator v2 2019 which has been recently launched by the StrongUnion Games.

This Amazing Taxi Simulator V2 2019 which has been released just shortly ago, has got the app supporting Android platform from the Google Play Store for just a minimum of $ 1.99, which is nothing when you actually start enjoying the game.

The Amazing Taxi Simulator V2 2019 has been developed in high-quality graphics along with it boats of giving you an unparalleled experience.

Amazing Taxi Simulator v2 2019 Apk
Amazing Taxi Simulator v2 2019 Apk

The Gameplay of Amazing Taxi Simulator v2 2019 APK:

The Amazing Taxi Simulator V2 2019 game is more of a taxi game just like the Taxi City 1988 V1 APK game, but the Amazing Taxi Simulator has got much more in terms of graphics quality and its mission system.

As you get started and begin the game, you get a car to start your adventure in a very large city, and you start behaving as if you are the real driver. In the beginning, you will need to go through some tests to practice your driving skills.

After which, you will also be assigned tasks to complete, like you will need to pick up the guests and make sure to bring them to the most secure location in the game.

There are different game modes in the Amazing Taxi Simulator V2 2019 to choose from or just go ahead and adventure around the city and just do what you feel like. In the car, if you want, you can even go sightseeing on the street or get to pick up other items along your way and be earning as much as you want to.

Also, you will have to be constantly upgrading your car with new, more advanced accessories, or just buy a new car if you qualify in the game.

What are the features of the Amazing Taxi Simulator v2 2019 Apk?

  1. Get to experience the real-time mode, by picking up guests from all around the world.
  2. The challenges in the game are most interesting and unique.
  3. You will get to see practical car physics.
  4. There are an unlimited number of the customers.
  5. There is also a customizable adjustment system, which allows you to design your car as you like.
  6. The 3D graphics of the game are very realistic and awesome.
  7. The game has also got the most detailed map.
  8. The game has also got a freeride mode and a large city with many places you can visit.
  9. The game also continuously updates the content on a regular basis.

Download the game from the official website or from the Google Play Store and start enjoying it from now!


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