What Is Amazon Internet Browser Apk?

Amazon Recently Launched an Internet Browser for Android users in India. This is a lite version of internet browser, and the company has given a name as “Internet: fast, lite and private” and promised it will be lighter than other browsers.

The Amazon internet browser app is not compatible with many of Android versions. And the internet browser developed it very fast for users. So they can feel the speed of the internet faster than before.

In the homepage of Amazon internet browser you will get recently updated news, so whenever you open up you will get fresh and latest news. Also on the top, there are already bookmarked top of the websites including Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, India Times etc.

You can easily go back and forward just by a single tap, at the bottom you will see a sticky bottom bar from where you can control the settings as open a new tab, go back, forward, and go directly on the homepage.

Amazon Internet Browser Apk

The Default search is set to bring in the settings but you can also choose Google if you don’t want it as a first search engine. You can easily go to the incognito browser and clear cache and history. If any update comes tap on the “check for update” so the app will be updated to latest version.

And the interesting thing is that the download size of internet browser apk is 2.4 MB which is a quite low compared to 21 MB for Google Chrome, 54.5 MB for Edge, 19.9 MB for Firefox and 14.7 MB for Opera as pointed by TechCrunch.

The browser will not ask any permission during the installation of amazon internet browser apk.

How To Download Amazon Internet Browser Apk?

The Amazon internet browser is very easy to download just with a single tap, in order to download Amazon internet browser apk you can check out at the end of the article. You will get a download link with a locked file, so unlock it.

As you know Amazon Internet Browser apk is not available in Google Play Store. As soon as it comes on play store you can install directly from play store.

Download Amazon Internet Browser Apk

As of now, you have to Download Amazon Internet Browser apk in order to use it on your Android phone. Read the instructions as shown in the locked file and go with that to unlock the download link.

Once you have unlocked the apk file tap on it to download.

How To Install Amazon Internet Browser Apk?

It’s quite easy to install amazon internet browser apk file using your Android device. So check out the below tutorial so you can get installed. One more thing you don’t have to enable unknown sources in order to install amazon internet browser apk.

  1. Download Amazon Internet Browser Apk from 9Apps.
  2. Open the file manager where the download file saved.
  3. The apk file is very safe and secure so don’t worry.
  4. Tap on install button, and it will be installed.

Install Amazon Internet Browser Apk

Note:- Amazon Internet browser application doesn’t work with some of Android device, and will work soon as soon as they announce any updates. Recently Uc Browser App was taken down from play store and Amazon is also a part of Ali baba groups.

Hopefully, soon they will release the Amazon Internet Browser App for iOS.

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