About Angry Birds 2 2.24.0 Apk

There is no individual amongst anyone of us who is not aware of the game of Angry Birds. Angry Birds 2 2.24.0 Apk is one game which actually created a storm in the smartphone and tablet industry and also came up with a new avatar. Angry Birds has got ventures into the cosmic world as Angry Birds Space.

Who is the Angry Birds 2 2.24.0 Apk?

Angry Birds 2 2.24.0 Apk keeps true to the Angry Birds tradition with the existing birds and the notorious pigs at war with each other. The plot is simple. The pigs are dressed in robotic suits and steal the birds’ eggs. The birds then fly through the wormhole to try and stop them. All the characters are better animated, especially the birds who have a superb space makeover. The Blackbird also looks amazing when released as it emits a trail of blazing fire.

The Angry Birds 2 2.24.0 Apk has also introduced some new birds like the yellow bird which has been transformed into a purple triangular bird and can be aimed in any direction on double tapping. The Ice Bird can turn any structure into a good portion of ice which makes it easy for other birds to easily break through.

The Angry Birds 2 2.24.0 Game actually looks stellar with all detailed backgrounds and has got a useful addition to the aesthetics with the introduction of a red dotted line marking the trajectory of the bird while pulling them back to fire. This makes aiming helpful. The background music is also very good with variations of the Angry Birds theme with brilliant sci-fi effects. The sounds of the birds and the pigs look so realistic.Angry Birds 2 2.24.0 Apk

What is the Gameplay?

The Angry Birds 2 2.24.0 Android Game fields are set in space. There are 4 worlds: Pig Bang, Cold Cuts, Danger Zone, and Eggsteroids. As you play along, you will realize that applying plain physics is not the only requirement of the game and you end up exploring many ways and error methods for the gravitational pull concept.

In the latest version of the Angry Birds 2 2.24.0 Mobile Game, you can choose either to directly aim at the pigs to push them out or to shoot at the asteroids to cause some major destruction. This will allow pieces to disintegrate and float in space which looks really cool.

How to Install Angry Birds 2 2.24.0 Apk on your PC?

Begin by downloading the Intel AppUp client, which is compatible with Windows XP and 7. Then run the installation file and go through the installation process. Once you have completed the installation, launch the Intel AppUp application. You have to search for Angry Birds 2 2.24.0 Apk or use the link on the featured section of the AppUp store to purchase and download Angry Birds for the PC.

Angry Birds for Windows would cost about $4.99 to download if purchased after the introductory period. You might also need to create an AppUp account to purchase and use the application. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you will be able to enjoy Angry Birds 2 2.24.0 Game on your PC. So stop thinking, and download the game!


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