About Annadata Sukhibhava App

Annadata Sukhibhava App: The term Annadata Sukhibhava is a great sentence which is actually a prayer to express thankfulness to the person who donated the food and because of his kindness and power we are getting food to eat.

Annadata Sukhibhava actually means that the person who donated the food should always stay blessed in his or her life. It is a Tamil origin word. Today this government initiative has become very successful and the technical support has also helped it very much to reach to more people around the nation.

RTGS has launched an exclusive website http://annadathasukhibhava.ap.gov.in [annadata sukhibhava gov ads app kisan index] and mobile app i.e. Annadata Sukhibhava which is available on the Google Play Store.

The State government on Monday started the way toward keeping cash in recipients’ records under the Annadata Sukhibhava conspire. In the wake of confirming the subtleties of the ranchers, for example, ledgers and Aadhaar numbers, the legislature stored Rs 1,000 each in the records of the recipients.

Annadata Sukhibhava App

It will store the rest of the sum soon. Prior, the State government had chosen to stretch out monetary help to a tune of Rs 15,000, including Rs 6,000 declared by the Center, to the ranchers having up to five sections of land and Rs 10,000 all alone to those ranchers having in excess of five sections of land and Rs 15,000 to sharecroppers.

The administration’s arrangement was to store the said sum in two stages — Rs 4,000 alongside the Rs 2,000 to be credited by the Center before the decisions and the staying 5,000 preceding Kharif.

Be that as it may, the State government began the procedure on Monday itself by saving Rs 1,000 each in the financial balances of upwards of 48,89,277 recipients. A sum of Rs 488.92 crore was saved in the ledgers of the recipients on a principal day.

Preceding the commencement of the procedure, Principal Secretary (Agriculture) B Rajasekhar and RTGS CEO Babu A directed a video gathering with all District Collectors on the compelling execution of the plan. Following crediting the cash, the recipients will get an SMS in their cell phones from the financier and RTGS, authorities included.

Whenever reached, Rajasekhar said that the rest of the Rs 3,000 will be credited to the records of the recipients at the most punctual. In the meantime, the State government provided orders giving managerial approval for discharging Rs 2,000 crore for the usage of the Annadata Sukhibhava plot.

The point of the administration is to expand assistance under the plan to all the qualified. In the wake of distinguishing the ranchers, the administration will pay the primary portion by March-end. The legislature will offer a chance to enlist the names of ranchers and sharecroppers whose names were not referenced in the rundown.

On the off chance that proprietor the land bites the dust, responsibility for may not be exchanged. The rundown of ranchers will be set up in 15 days. Joint executive of horticulture G Vijaya Bharati stated, “We have begun the way toward setting up the rundown of ranchers to broaden benefits under the Annadata Sukhibhava App.

The RTGS has officially sent email-ID to MEOs, MPEOs and AEOs. They will plan town astute and Mandal-wise ranchers and sharecroppers list and send it to the legislature.”