What is Anonytun Pro 8.2 Apk 2019?

Anonytun Pro 8.2 Apk 2019 is an app which delivers high-speed VPN connection so that you can bypass any restricted services. And all of these in literally any location or country. 

So, do you live in a country with a restricted internet connection? And how many times do you get blocked when opening a website? Well, worry no more, now there is an app launched to solve all your these problems that you are solving.

And the best part is that you can get it solved for free! The users of the app knew that this app knew something that they didn’t. This free VPN app provides a secure connection to be able to protect your privacy and also bypass the firewalls to be able to be access any website or app, without having any limitations. 

Anonytun Pro 8.2 Apk 2019 comes with a super clean and user-friendly design and the interference is also very user-friendly.  In fact, it is so much, you have to just tap on the Connect button to be able to access the super secure connection.

Anonytun Pro 8.2 Apk
Anonytun Pro 8.2 Apk

How do I Install the Anonytun Pro 8.2 Apk 2019?

The Anonytun Pro 8.2 Apk 2019 is available for download and install in the Google Play store. The AnonyTun Pro 2019 was lastly updated very recently on January 11 2019 and the size of the app is very small at 2.2 M.

The AnonyTun Pro 2019 has got more than 5 Lakh Installs. The current version of the is AnonyTun Pro 2019 8.2. Now, we will see on how to install the APK AnonyTun Pro 2019 in all of your Android devices.

  • First of all, download the APK file and then store it somewhere in your device
  • Now, go to your Android settings and go to security and there you will have to enable the setting Allow Installation form Unknown sources
  • Now, after you have enabled unknown sources, now you have to Read all the permissions which will be required by the AnonyTun Pro 2019 to be able to be run in your device and then accept it.
  • Now, you will be able to see an Install button at the bottom. Click on this Install button to start the installation of the AnonyTun Pro 2019 and there, wait until an installation, success message is displayed or shown to you
  • Now, after the AnonyTun Pro 2019 will be installed in your deice, it will b ready to be opened from your app gallery or sometimes an shortcut will already have been created in your homepage of your device so no need to go all the way there, just open the AnonyTun Pro 2019 directly from your homepage.

Feature of the AnonyTun Pro 2019

  1. The interference is very clean and also very user friendly
  2. No registration nor any Root is required
  3. It is fast, free and secure as well
  4. Bypass and type of restriction

And the best part is that you get all of these for free.


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