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What is the Ap Ehazar RD App?

The School Education Department; the Government of Andhra Pradesh is in the process of installing nearly one lakh biometric attendance machines in the Government schools across the state for the purpose of enabling Ehazar attendance tracking using the biometric system.

This system uses the biological traits like the fingerprints, or the iris patterns of the eye for the purpose of identification of the students. The Government has made it mandatory for all the students as well as the teachers of all the categories in Government managed schools, Municipal schools, Zila parishad schools, Government schools, etc to mark their daily attendance through the Ehazar devices. 

The biometric device is handled at the school by the headmaster or the teacher. He or she will authenticate through iris of finger print of the device.  The device should be handled with utmost care.  It should not be dropped, scratched or subject to any misuse. 

It should be stored in safe place after utilization. The device may be fixed to a wall or placed on a table or can be taken to each class for taking attendance of students or teachers. The Aadhaar card data of all the students and teachers is accessed by the device from the central server for authenticating attendance in real time. 

Ap Ehazar RD App
Ap Ehazar RD App

This is the process wherein Aadhaar number along with biometrics or demographics is submitted to UIDAIs central identities data repository.  CIDR for verification well in advance. CIDR whether the data submitted matches the data available in CIDR and response with only Yes or No. 

The students are to authenticate their attendance once in the morning. The teachers are to authenticate their attendance twice a day (morning and evening) through the Ehazar devices.  The existing physical attendance system may also be continued till the Ehazar system stabilizes.

What is the process of the Biometric Attendance System?

For giving attendance each student and each teacher is required to get a scan of their finger prints done which is loaded into the machine or device. Ways to ensure that there is no problem in giving Ehazar is to keep the hands clean and free of dirt. In case of dry fingers lightly moisten with wet cloth or tissue. 

In case of wet or sweaty fingers, gently wipe hands dry.  Apply gentle pressure on the device with fingertip. Use finger top only for thumb or for finger.  In case there is a repeated failure of biometric authentication for any particular student or teacher, the iris-based device should be used, and attendance is to be given through the scanning of the eye of the student or the teacher.

The Ap Ehazar RD App is proving very useful in keeping a track on the students attendance in schools. Truly, the Govt of Andhra Pradesh has introduced EHAZAR System in all the schools in the State just to ensure Bio-Metric Attendance System just to make sure that there is 100% attendance of students and teachers in the schools. This EHAZAR.COM project will help the teachers to know whether EHAZAR Bio Metric Attendance / Leave is Marked or not.

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