Apex Legends APK is a free game app. It is a battle Royale game where you will find players from all over the world team up to fight for fame, glory and fortune.

The legendary characters with strong powers form a group to fight for the fringes of the Frontier. Previously the Apex Legends was a popular hit among the EA games but currently the company has decided to make it more popular by making the game compatible to android and iOS devices.

The CEO of the company Andrew Wilson promised that the EA is on to the mobile port of the free to play the battle game. The game has earned popularity since one week of its availability and it has earned more than twenty-five million players on PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One.

But the developers of the app are not sure of its availability of the game on the mobile platforms. It might take some time before the game hits the App Store.

Apex Legends APK
Apex Legends APK

The popularity of Apex Legends APK

The game Apex Legends APK is developed by Respawn Entertainment and the reason for its crazy fan following can be attributed to many reasons. So the main reason is the Fortnite.

It is a game which has frustrated many players after the season seven had brought many controversial changes to it. So the developers of Apex Legends hit at the right time for a good beginning. So the new Royale battle game was a new centre of interest for the players.

There is another reason. Quite a large number of Fortnite fans along with Ninja are believed to have struck a deal with EA to stream Apex Legends to their large fan followers. And it is quite natural that when you see your favorite streamer having fun with a new title, you obviously want to try it out too.

But all rests in the hands of the players who will decide it they want the Apex Legends to be as successful as their favorite game Fortnite. It also depends upon the EA as to how it will move forward and whether the game will have in app purchases.

Now let us get into the downloading process Of Apex Legends APK

The game boasts of more than 25 million players and is one of the hottest online shooter at present. So without wasting any time let us get straight into the downloading of Apex Legends so you can start landing, looting and using your cool abilities in the awesome game of battle royale arena. 

First, you have to download the link from the apexlegends.mobi or apkpure Then login with your EA account or you could create a new one. Now go to the Browse games tab which you can find on the left side of the app and then select Apex Legends.

Click Download. Select your preferred language also agreeing to the terms and conditions of the game. Now select the drive you would like to download and then install the Apex Legends.


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