Today I am gonna talk about App.Keralamdms.ComIn every school have lunchtime for kids to being them healthy. As you know how much is food important in our lives and how it affects our body, every human body needs enough food for a healthier life. And for school kids have more important than a younger person.

Because school child need enough food for a healthy body and if they eat, they will grow and strengthen. So for that In Kerala, every school has started MDM Plan (Mid Day Meal Plan) with the schedule.

To know about the plan and schedules you have to open the app or website App.Keralamdms.Com and log in with the correct email ID and password. If You don’t have a login ID, so in this case, you can create a new account and login with that.

Once you do that open the App.Keralamdms.Com login and check the school list and select any. But remember once you have logged in, change the password if you have default password send by application or website. In App.Keralamdms.Com you can check everything like school results, midday plan, rice details and school details with reports too.App.Keralamdms.Com

I hope the information shared by me is enough to know about that if you have any more questions feel free to ask in the comment box below.

Features Of App.Keralamdms.Com

There are many features of the App.Keralamdms.Com, which can be checked by the login into the account and you will get all of the pieces of information you wish to have on your fingertips.

  • Check any of School Details in Kerala.
  • Check Reports.
  • Know about Rice Quality.
  • Know Attendance of your Kid.
  • And many more have to know.App.Keralamdms.Com Download

Now Download App.Keralamdms.Com on your Android & iOS device for free with the latest version of the application. Make sure to download it through the play store, or if you don’t have an idea to get it, then download App.Keralamdms.Com APK File for free from our blog.

How To Download app.kerala On PC?

You can download app.kerala on your pc using it’s .apk file, but you have to download any Android emulator on your PC. After that, you are totally free to download and install app.kerala on the Desktop. You will also see a shortcut menu to open the app after installation.

So whenver you want to open the app.kerala then just tap on the shortcut menu and you are good to go.

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