About Assassin’s Creed Rebellion APK

Assassins Creed Rebellion APK is an upcoming free to play strategy RPG action game to be played in the mobile. The location set in the game is in Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. The game has 43 playable Assassins like Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Aguilar de Nerha, Shao Jun, Claudia Auditore da Firenze, and Niccolo Machiavelli also with more than 20 new unlockable characters made exclusively for Rebellion.

There is a headquarters for the Brotherhood in the Assassins Creed Rebellion Apk where the assassins can be trained and new items and equipment can be crafted. As the player goes on playing the next level in Brotherhood extra rooms and other content are available hence leading to opening up of new upgrade options.

In Assassins Creed Rebellion Game, the player can also opt to send groups of three Assassins to different infiltration missions.  Along with it, the kind of missions completed will have an effect on how the Assassins develop. Standard missions are vital for gathering resources to upgrade player’s Assassins while the Loot missions earn materials for crafting.

How to Download Assassins Creed Rebellion APK?

Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion APK is free to download but you also have the option to buy some game items for real money. The Assassin’s Creed Rebellion iOS is an original combination of RPG and strategy game with amazing graphics, missions and loads of characters. Your mission in the game is to fight against the Templars.Assassin's Creed Rebellion APK

Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion Release Date levels up slowly and steadily with specific aims in each mission from assassinating someone to stealing an aircraft. There are different ways to complete each level as each character has unique abilities and features. The decision is in your hands to complete each mission.

You can either silently and carefully sneak past some guards or walk right up to them and beat them up. You can use your winnings to build and upgrade your headquarters between the missions. When you start playing Assassins Creed Rebellion Beta APK, you only have a couple of rooms but as the game progresses you will be able to build many more.

Similarly, it is with the characters in the game. You start the game with just three characters but as the game progresses you will be able it unlock more than forty.Assassins Creed Rebellion APK

How to Install Assassins Creed Rebellion APK?

Assassins Creed Rebellion APK must be installed from the official Uptodown & apkpure app. The file will have additional OBB data and is not suitable with a traditional package installer. The game is developed exclusively for the mobile and it allows us to experience memories from the past and plays with different Assassins at the same time.

Make an army of Assassins and fight against the Templars and the oppressions raging in Spain. The game requires a strong internet connection like 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi and Android 4.3 or improved version is needed. The new version of the game has new Animus challenges.Assassins Creed Rebellion Game

So complete different tasks within a given time and win additional rewards. Also, enjoy extra rewards or discounted HQ tasks in bonus hours. Download the app and experience a completely new take in the gameplay.


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