About Banglarbhumi.gov.in App

Banglarbhumi.gov.in App: Today there are many apps launched by the government which is mainly for the welfare of people. One such app is Banglarbhumi which is launched by the government of West Bengal for land records and also reforms. This app is mainly to help people to retrieve information on land and thus help to make their task easy.

Banglarbhumi.gov.in App will give information such as the name of the owner, area, property and even value. These details are very important for both buyer and seller as one who is looking for a property can get every bit of information.

If anyone is looking to set new industries just require to fill details regarding district and block where they wish to buy the land and thus get all lands that are available for sale.

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Thus, you are not required to visit any broker or waste time to gather information regarding the property as you are getting everything through the Banglarbhumi.gov.in App.

Banglarbhumi.gov.in App
Banglarbhumi.gov.in App

How to use the Banglarbhumi.gov.in App?

  • Banglarbhumi.gov.in App is used for registration of deed where an agreement is signed between the real owner and the new buyer. These
  • services are also integrated with the Income-tax department and so the complete verification process is conducted.
  • The mutation process is used when a property is been transferred from own person to another. If a property is registered with this site and the name of the owner is to be transferred to another person to another this website is the best solution.
  • Information regarding the property can also be obtained by this website. The details can be acquired by entering details like district, block or plot number. These details are very useful when one is required to sell the property or the person is looking to buy a property.
  • Citizens can also request for a certified copy of plot information. Fees that are required to get a certificate can also be paid through online mode and thus this website is best for carrying out any process with the website.

Why use the Banglarbhumi.gov.in App?

West Bengal is one of the biggest states when it is about agricultural reforms and so acquiring details on land is quite a difficult task. This problem is faced both by buyer and seller and so with the help of Banglarbhumi.gov.in App, it becomes an easy task.

This app is available on laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet and everywhere so that people of Bengal can access it easily. If any citizen is looking out for land in Bengal just need to visit the site and get all the required information without paying anything.

Banglarbhumi.gov.in App gives information on various things like mutation, plot information, reforms and much more. This website is equipped with all the latest features where everyone is free to check information on land and reforms through this online portal.

The whole process is quite easy and so everyone can get information on land and thus get in contact directly with seller/buyer. It is a website which can be used both by departments and citizen of Bengal to get information on lands and land reform.