About Battlefield 5 Companion App

Hello friends. We have got some good news for you. The first live update for Battlefield 5 Companion App is finally out. The much-awaited game is a phenomenal one. Today, we will be discussing really a lot about this app. Now to start off with, there are notable tweaks for the high ends graphics.

Also, some much-needed changes have been done to the airborne mode of this game. Battlefield 5 Companion app now also uses ray tracing GPU that support the technology. The technique is most probably used to pre-rented computers graphics. These are shown in movies and also in TV shows.

They have also recently launched the Battlefield 5 companion app which will provide you with tracking abilities. Apart from that, it will also be connected with the game. Additionally, it will also get various special features. As the app is available for download, we are doing a full hand’s blown review of this mobile Battlefield 5 app.

But we can surely do the most detailed preview about the Battlefield 5 app.Battlefield 5 Companion App

How to Download Battlefield 5 companion App?

Battlefield 5 Companion App is available for download in the Google Play store. You can also use our download link to download the latest version of Battlefield 5 companion app. The app so far looks very perfect and we wish that the app will without any niggles. With the Battlefield 5 companion application, you can now customize your loadout.

You always have the option to be unique by designing the emblem that you like, not the emblem which you are given forcefully and something that you dislike. You can also catch up with the latest news as well as videos. Some people have reported that they get notifications when their friends are online but when they click to see, it shows that you don’t have any friend.

Many users have faced this issue. This can be due to some software errors, given how many people use this battlefield v companion app. In this app, you can view your new profile and identity in Battlefield 5 companion app. You can also see your achievements and stats and see how your friends are performing. You can customize the soldiers and their loadouts. If we were to define it, we would rather say that is a complete overhaul of the BattleLog app.Battlefield 5 app

How to Install Battlefield Companion App?

Now let’s talk about the installation of Battlefield 5 Companion App. After you have downloaded the app in the Google play store, the app will be easily downloaded automatically. The size of the app is huge and it is 62M. The content rating of the BattleField Companion app is 3+. It requires Android 4.0 and up.

The app is offered by this game developer called Electronic Arts. The app was last updated on November 1, 2016. That’s more than 2 years that this app has been updated and also, the size of the app is 62M. However, despite this, users have gone ahead and have together given a contribution of 1 Crore Downloads. So why you shouldn’t?


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