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Who does not love to buy jewelry but as we all are aware that these things go useless after you have finished attending a function. So what if we could just make our own set of jeweler rather than buying it. The Beadz APP It’s a new app for the Android & iOS device which can be downloaded through the play store for free with the latest version.

Beadz APP Download is launched by Tegy24 Technologies has been mainly launched in order to provide great videos of beautiful Necklaces, Earrings, Bags, Shoes, Slippers, pouch, beaded and others product and which helps you to try and make your very own things at home.

How To Download Beadz APP?

First of all, you need to download Beadz app from the Google Play Store and click on the download link to get it on to your mobile. You will be glad to know that the Beadz App is a free Android mobile application, which has been launched in order to help to create many of the latest products at home.

The app offers thousands of free videos of beautiful Necklaces, Earrings, Bags, Shoes, and Slippers, pouch, beaded which the Beadz Mobile APP provides with step by step tutorials that too with the aid of the pictures. Beadz APP

The woman who has got a passion for making their own things at home beaded or simple can log in to Beadz APP or visit their website for more help where they will find the easy and simple answer on to how to make these beautiful items.

How To Install Beadz APK?

After you have downloaded Beadz app, just go on to the installation of this app by following the steps involved in the installation. Once this is done, you will be amazed to see the large variety of the videos of the various tutorials which you will get to see in Beadz application.

You will get so many videos on how to make Beaded Necklaces, Bracelets, Bags, Shoes, Pouch, and Earrings. With the use of Beadz APK, you will be able to create any ladies product making it one of the most beautiful Necklaces, Bracelets, Bags, Shoes, Pouch, and Earrings which is your own created and not bought.

If you want to download & install Beadz APK Direct file for free, then read the below-bulleted points

  • First of all, download Beadz APK file through the below downloading link.
  • Now open the Device Settings > Security, After that, enable the Unknown Sources.
  • Now open the downloaded Beadz.apk file and install it.Beadz APP Download

The Beadz APP

There have been many of us who idle at home yearning to find some solution to our boredom and a large amount of time which goes wasted playing games or watching television. There are many of us who want to grow our passion for making useful things at home and flaunt in front of our friends by our own handmade things.

But very often we do not find the correct link or the site to get the exact video or the pictures to help us in this work. Beadz App is the application which is free for download on any of your android device and it will help you to create your dreams into the best things on earth.

Also, you can refer Beadz APP to your friends who have been craving for the same passion and just could not make it due to lack of the exact information about creating their own stuff. They are sure to thank you for their entire life. So start beading now!


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