What is the Beetalk Apk Pure?

bee talk versi lama, kenapa beetalk tidak bisa look around, beetalk เวอร์ชั่น เก่า 3.0 8, 3.0.0, 2.3.6, Beetalk Apk Pure is a tool or an app which is very similar to the Tinder. This allows you to connect to other people who are near to where you are, but on the condition that both of the people share some kind of mutual interest in something.

In fact, you will see that the BeeTalk works almost exactly the way that Tinder does. Using this app, you will be able to see the profile photos along with the person’s age, and you just need to slide your finger to the left to indicate that you are not interested or to the right to indicate that you are.

Once you swipe the profile to the right, you will have to wait for the other person also to do the same. When both of you have swiped to the right, you can start to talk using a private chat.

Just like with Tinder, BeeTalk also shows you the profiles of the people who are the closest to you. If there are other users a few meters away, it will show you those users also and the closest person is 500 kilometers away, it will show you that person.

Beetalk Apk Pure
Beetalk Apk Pure

BeeTalk is a very interesting tool which can allow you to meet people, and it allows its users to comfortably and quickly interact with each other.

How can you install the Beetalk Apk Pure in to your Android device?

The BeeTalk app is available on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store. So, it makes it very easy for the user to download the app using their google id. Once you have downloaded the app, you will also have to install it on to your device for easy use.

What are the features of the Beetalk Apk Pure?

The app allows you to look around with the new BeeTalk where you can find for yourself new friends. You will also be able to locate people around you within a distance of 50 meter, 100 meters or even in 1 kilometre.

  • Using the app, you are allowed to send and receive messages and also delete them automatically after reading them.
  • Making use of the app’s radar feature, you can scan the area around you for new friends.
  • The app has got unlimited calling, voice messaging and text messaging services.
  • Using the app, you can also make sketches and doodles and send them to your friends straight from the app.
  • You can also make your chats brighter and fun by attaching different stickers.
  • It is fun to join a group chat for voting that gives you new opportunities to find preferences.
  • Also, you get to make a club or join one on BeeTalk. Joining club allows you to meet new people with the same interest as yours.
  • To discuss your interests or be a part of someone else’s interests, joining the Forums serves to be one of the most awesome experience.
  • Have fun and download the app now and get to find more friends.

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