What Is Bevq Apk?

The widespread of coronavirus has made the Government take different steps to control this contagious virus. Currently, liquor shops are opened after a big lockdown and so people are violating all rules and regulations. To stop this Kerala government has introduced Bev Q App to give the virtual token to drinkers. This token will help people to get liquor from nearby outlets based on the given time slot itself. The best part is liquor prices would be the same in all liquor shops and outlet would be based on the GPS of the token holder.

This is a smart initiative by Kerala Government to maintain social distancing and other precautions along with making earning from liquor shops. This Booze app offers various ways to book the time frame like an app, call or SMS. This will help to stop overcrowding of people in a liquor shop and also help them to get liquor based on the time slot.

Bevq Apk Free Download

How to use Bevq Apk?

Bevq Apk Free Download is under testing and if there are no errors soon it will be launched on Google play store. Once the app is available just install the app in your device and follow the below-mentioned steps:

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  • You will get a form where details are to be entered. This information consists of Name, Mobile Number, city, pin code, address, email id, aadhar card number.
  • This information is sent to the administrator of the app and even the liquor shop. Once the form is submitted by the user will get a notification regarding their e-token.
  • The token outlet is given based on GPS and so while registering the form they have to keep in on. The notification sent to users will also have the outlet to collect liquor.
  • People who got e-token are required to visit the outlet at that particular timeframe only so that they are not required to wait in the queue. Thus overcrowding can be reduced and thus social distancing can be maintained.

Pros of Bevq Apk Free Download

  • Bevq Apk Free Download will help to maintain all precautions of coronavirus and also make it possible for people to get liquor.
  • This will reduce overcrowding of place as people are required to visit the nearest outlet based on the time frame allotted to them.
  • The government has decided limitations so that everyone can get liquor. On a single token, a person can get 3 litres of liquor only. As details are taken by the app one person would be allotted just a single e-token.
  • Users can come and take their favourite liquor in the given time frame and pay them immediately. As the outlet will be given based on the GPS one would get the nearest shop.
  • To make it uniform government has declared the same prices for all the liquor shops.

This app is satisfying people’s demand and at the same time maintaining precautions against coronavirus. This app will reduce the gathering of people and thus can control the widespread of the virus. Such an initiative is helping the Government to earn revenue from the liquor shop while maintaining all possible precautions and thus making it easy to manage people.