BitMoji APP | An Emoji App Developed By Bitstrips Software Company

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What Is Bitmoji APP?

Have you ever wondered how to spruce up your text messaging and create Amazing content online?

Well, some of you may remember seeing bias strips last year on Facebook which was like a little comic stripped three or four pictures with a little bit of a spill. Bit Strips now created a BitMoji App, to download it first of all you need to visit the Play Store which is an app store for Android device.

Once you have downloaded, you will have to open it and create your Avatar, so first time using bitmoji, they’ll actually prompt you to choose or create your Avatar. To creating your own Avatar, you can open any of Avatar and you’ll have to design your own Avatar, and there are many types of hairs, eyebrows, and everything available which will be needed to design your Avatar.

So with the help of Bitmoji app, you need to create an avatar, later you can use the premade avatars and share it with your friends on Social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc. It is so easy to use share your feeling with a simple Emjoi. Just by downloading this Amazing application on your Android & iOS device, you can save your time by typing.

Bitmoji APP

You don’t have to type a long message while emoji is already available to express your emotions and feelings. It’s quite easy for those peoples, who don’t have much time to type the words. So in this case just simply download and install the app and choose any of emoji you wanted to share.

If you have free time and getting bored, so at that time you can create your own emoji to share with your friends.

How To Download Bitmoji APK?

Why you will need to download Bitmoji APK file when you can use Google Play Store to install any of app which is available to download on your Android device.

Well, some peoples don’t have play store and can’t use anyhow, so in this case, they need to download Bitmoji Apk for their Android device. By downloading the application file, you can also share it with friends. You don’t need to find the URL of the application, just by using your storage device, you can share directly downloadable apk file.

Now maybe you have downloaded apk file, but how to install it. You are stuck with an installation blocked process, so check out the below steps to unblock the installations.

Bitmoji APK

Install Bitmoji APK

So now I going to tell you the whole process to Install Bitmoji APK file.

  • Download Bitmoji APK file, and save to your device.
  • Open device Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable it.
  • Go to the storage device and locate the download apk file.
  • Tap on it and tap on install and enjoy.

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