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Bolo App: We are all worried about how good our child studies and if she or he is able to get the right kind of education that we want them to get. Children have started learning in newer ways.

Now we do not want them to go to those boring tuition classes and then have another set of classroom study there. Especially when it comes to primary classes, we just want them to be with us rather than sending them anywhere for long.

Therefore, to help us with our younger kids, Google has come up with a wonderful app which will help us to keep them entertained and at the same time, they get to study new things every day. The app helps the kids to study English and Hindi.

The Bolo App has got a cartoon tutor Diya, who will help the children to read out o her and she will help them to correct it as and when needed. This app works even in the offline mode which is one of the best features of the app so far. This app will surely help the children in rural areas where there is no or less internet usage and connections in homes.

Bolo App
Bolo App

You will be able to get only the Early Access to the Bolo app in the Google Play Store which in itself is a big deal for the children to study and also it has got stories in English and in Hindi which helps them understand them better.

The app is so far been made available only for the Android users, but Google might think of launching one for the iOS users also in the future. The app is compatible with all the Android users from the KitKat version of the Android.

The Bolo App works just like the Google Assistant text-to-speech model and the app is available only in India as of now.  As you will open the app, you will be able to find an animation or cartoon character Diya who encourages your kids to read stories and books in both English and in Hindi.

She also assists the kids to read the words which the kids find it difficult to read and applauds the child when they have completed reading a story either in English or in Hindi.

This app will be like an assistant who helps you to look after your kids are studying or reading the books or stories when you are busy in your household or office chores.

According to the Google India Product manager, the app works both in the online and offline mode and has got more than 100 stories which will help your kids improve their vocabulary and reading skills.

Therefore, one if forced to agree that this app will not only be useful for the rural but also kids from all over India. Rather than engaging them in games, why not give them something which will help them over the course of time. So, why not we download the Bolo App now for the benefit of our kids.


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