Description Of Bomb It Up APK

Bombitup Apkpure: Have you ever wished or desired you had an application that could Bomb SMS and Mails. Bomb It Up APK is an Application like no other, it is recognized as one of the best SMS Bomber apk for android that has been launched. This is one Android Application that enables you to have a good time or fun with your friends, or anyone supposedly.

This Application was created by an Indian. During the first phase of development BOMBITUP, it had very limited features at which bombing SMS was only for the India Telecom Service but as time went on there was an advancement and enormous increase in the features of BOMBITUP at which now, now bombing of SMS could be done to the UK Telecom service and even the US telecom service, isn’t that amazing?

One other feature BOMB IT UP seems to have advanced to is the bombing of Mails unlike during the previous edition where the only bombing of SMS is applicable. This latest mobile application is the best there is.

Features Of Bomb It APK

Email Blast: This Application enables you to send as many unlimited emails as you desire. It’s time you looked around for old friends you haven’t emailed for a long time and start emailing them because BOMBITUP APK has you covered on that.Bombitup APK

SMS BLAST: This feature is eligible for only India and UK at which unlimited SMS could be sent to anybody’s mobile. So what are you waiting for? Start Blasting.

SMS BLAST: This other feature of BOMBITUP app is suitable for only USA Operators, a good means for blasting of unlimited SMS.

CUSTOM BLAST: This is yet another feature, you can now send Custom messages but certainly with the Way2Sms gateway.

CALL BLAST: This feature enables the operator to send out limited calls to friends or other persons within. And only 5 Clicks is permitted in a day, 1 Click per call. So you have to be wise in making your calls.

PROTECT LIST: the Same way this App enables you to bomb some mobile numbers, it also protects you from undergoing bombing as one of its features. This is by far the best feature been provided by this application.

UPDATES: Updates would be directed into this Application on a regular basis. So what’s not to like about this Application.

EMAIL PROTECT: Afraid of your email undergoing bombing? You could actually protect your email from being bombed on this Application.

Download Latest Version Of Application For Free

You need not worry about where to find a platform at which you could download this Application from because I’m about to reveal to you a platform where you can download the latest BOMB IT UP APPLICATION for free.

The website URL highlighted would aid you to download and explore the world of BOMBITUP Application with ease.Install Bomb It Up APK

How To Install

After downloading from the source being stated above, and you have to proceed to install the app on your mobile device. Installation doesn’t take any efforts at all, all that is required of you is to click on the Apk file and it would be installed but if it’s not permits then you have to enable the UNKNOWN SOURCES in the Android Settings then you can install again.Unknown Sources

How To Use Bomb It Up App

STEP 1: Open the downloaded Apk file, a visible menu icon would be at the top left, all you have to do is drag the menu from the left to the right, a list of available features would display.

STEP 2: Let’s start with the first feature on the BOMBITUP menu, which is the SMS Blast. After selecting you have to enter the number you would like to bomb.

STEP 3: Now all that is remaining is for you to enter the count you wish to bomb within, then tap on the BOMBIT Icon, you would be amazed on what just happened.

How To Protect Your Mobile Number From Bombing

STEP 1: Open the application, click on the menu icon which is at the topmost left and looks like three horizontal lines.

STEP 2: Now you have to select an option in the midst of several features, select the PROTECT LIST option.

STEP 3: space would be created for you to enter your mobile name and number.

STEP 4: Which is the last step you would take, just click on the protect me an icon, this process would save you from undergoing bombing and it would eventually last for only 7 days maximum, for you to keep enjoy this feature, you would have to undergo the same step again for activation.

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