What is Borderlight APK?

Borderlight Apkpure, Borderlight APK: is a Live Wallpaper app which offers a special touch to the Android devices by adding a dash of colorful screen edge highlights. Live Wall papers give a new life to your Android devices.

The Borderlight aplikasi was developed by XDA member dax105. As the name suggests, the Borderlight app lights up the edges of your mobile phone’s screen with a multicolor feature. At first when this app was created, it was nothing but bare bones with only a black screen and glowing colors and had no customization features at all.

The thickness was already determined at first and the Live Wallpaper was limited to OnePlus 6 only. But currently, the app can be used on any of the smart phones with Android 6.0 and above like xiaomi.

The Borderlight app is also compatible on the non-notches phone and also adjust the roundness and border thickness depending on your smartphone. The app also helps you to set border-radius according to your device’s display.

There is also an option for the users to manually tweak the settings. Though earlier there was no setting or customization available to the users, the developer of the app has presently added an extra touch to modify and customize the wall paper according to the choices of the users.

Features of the Borderlight APK

  • The app has custom notch setting option for the users.
  • The users get an option of import setting code.
  • The app helps the users to copy the setting code and paste it on your clipboard.
  • The app is compatible on Android devices with 6.0 and above.
  • The app also lets you adjust the visibility of the background image on the lock screen and also the home screen.
  • The users are also given the option to desaturate the wall paper so the lock screen text or home screen icons are visible more clearly.
  • The app also lets the users to adjust the border radius according to the whims and fancies of the user.
  • There is also an option of notch settings where the user can adjust the notch depth, radius etc.  

How do I Install the Borderlight APK?

To install the Borderlight APK on your android devices, first of all the users will have to Enable the Unknown Sources options in the android settings menu.

So go to the settings of your android device and then choose the Security option. There you will find the Unknown Sources option. Simply click on it and you are done. Unfortunately the Borderlight app is not available on the Google Play store or any app store.

The reason for this is that the app is still under development and has been regularly receiving updates. But you can download and install the app as an APK available on the Google Drive link, which has the latest version of the app.

In short, the Borderlight is an Android app which helps you to customize your mobile’s borders. Install the app and enjoy.


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