Who is Bow Wow?

  He’s an American rapper who broke out as a kid. His real name is; “Shad Gregory Moss”, he was born on the 9th of March 1987 (Columbus Ohio US).
  The rapper is also known to be an actor and television host, his former stage name was “Lil’ Bow Wow”.
American rapper Bow Wow has six studio albums, twenty-six singles, several music videos and mixtapes to his credit.
  Bow Wow (formerly Lil’ Bow Wow), recently started making new music, his latest singles are YEAH and PUSSY TALK.
The rapper sounded a note of warning on Twitter which plunged fans into confusion, it all started this way; he posted a tweet of photos of he and his girlfriend Kiyomi, a fan accused him of cheating and claimed to have seen him in a club. Infuriated Bow Wow had a response to the allegations, and it was pretty harsh. He lashed out on bloggers and websites for meddling in his personal affairs.
“Bow Wow shares money on Twitter”   The rapper must have been over excited or apprehensive on Monday 30th of July because it was announced on his Twitter handle that he’ll be dishing out loads of money to whoever was in need of it, I mean everything, the rapper’s net worth is about $1.5million.
Bow Wow Cash App

People who had Cash Apps were encouraged to jump at the offer, the rapper laid emphasis on the fact that he was trying to change “money is happiness” mentality. As soon as it was public information that Bow Wow was giving out money, his Twitter account has loomed with Cash app usernames. In addition, he mentioned that he was moving to a humble apartment compared to the luxurious one he stays, trying to curb his excesses and put his Hollywood Lifestyle under watch.

Furthermore, he threatened to quit entertainment to get a job at a game stop. Bow Wow decided to stay away from the spotlight due to his state of mind; emotionally, by sitting out his performance at the So So Def Tour.   Surprisingly, Bow Wow’s social media accounts showed no signs of illegal entry/hacking and may still be planning to give out more money. Opportunity to grab some free cash right??  Ooh, la la, who doesn’t love free cash.

  While this went on, some concerned party implored his friends and loved ones to caution his actions as it was a total madness, we love Bow Wow and we hope he gets required help soon.

How To Download Bow Wow Cash App?

Simply visit to the Android play store to download for Android device and iTunes store for iOS device. The app is so smooth when you use it, and its features are amazing than other apps.

Make sure to download it from trusted or official website, because many of the website and blogs claims that they are providing its APK file or app. But when you download using their server you will face many problems like Mobile hanging, hack or virus etc.

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