What Is BTD6 APK?

The Bloons TD 6 (BTD6)  apk is a game that requires a skillful defense mechanism, in a fun way through. In this game, players deem it fit to construct towers for defense and protection against attack. Monumental changes will be noticed in this game, it is the latest addition to the Bloons Tower Defense family, though similar in the title.  For instance; supermonkeys have been replaced with heroes in each round, absence of special agents. Levels do not continue to the next stage,  it has to be restarted.

Also,  monkeys can be upgraded using “experience points” rather than the in-game money earned while popping balloons, making the game more challenging than it was in the previous versions. The dart monkey’s skills can’t be maxed out in stage 1. This happens when you unlock the last tier in the Intense Magic skill tree of the wizard monkey. To unlock it, you’ll need 30,000 experience points. Once you’ve got it, it costs you $24,000 in-game money to level up the tower, technically more since you have to unlock the previous skills first.

One remarkable feature of btd6 ask is Known as“soulbind”. Its function is to buy/purchase lives helps when it runs out.

The amount spent on towers determine the number of lives available. There can only be one soulbind at a time,  but other towers can be bound at will. As soon as there are no more lives, you run out of lives, the towers binded to “soulbind” vanish. However,  the towers have to be replaced before moving to the next stage.

BTD6 Apk

How To Download Bloons TD6 Apk?

Acquiring BTD6 for free gets a little sketchy, Getting BTD6 apk for iOS and Android mobile devices for free is not fully guaranteed, the sum of $4.99 USD is required for access and security during use on the App Store or Google Play.  A valid email address is required therefore users are always cautioned before downloading the game.
Bugs hitting your Firewalls could be distracting, emails could continuously get spam messages, but if you don’t mind, the free version of BTD6 apk is available for download on Google Play or App Stores, it is available for iOS and Android users.
The best route for those who want a free download is “APK”, the trusted sites making the APK copy available are APK Award and App Mirror. These are trustworthy sites, it
is recommended for use if an app isn’t getting downloaded Google Play and the App Store.
BTD6 Apk Download

Tips For Starters Using BTD6 Apk

 Changes and newly added features to the btd6 game can make the game a bit confusing and difficult to use for beginners. Instead of upgrading your tower whenever you like with the money gained from balloon popping,  Each tier has to be unlocked with experience points, instead of upgrading towers with money earned popping balloons.

Experience points – can be earned by indicating the tower to be upgraded and taking down, then play. The higher the number of towers taken down; the higher the experience points gathered, preferably at an easy area.

More Tips To Play The BTD6 Game

Let me give you an insight on how to gain victory popping the balloons. The balloons are of two (2) kinds, namely; camp balloons and lead balloons. Camp balloons – ninja,  monkeys, wizard. Lead balloons – has the canon only.

An upgrade is required to enjoy this beautiful game better, a surreal experience is guaranteed. It is available for free on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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