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We all have a strange habit of saving our spare change and tossing it into the jar, shoe box or drawer. In this way, we save our money. We never forget to miss these coins and after many months, we count our savings and are absolutely astonished at our own achievement.

Bundil App is similar to that. It takes the spare change from your daily credit or debit transactions and micro invests in cryptocurrency, thus reducing the risk by investing small amounts of money. For example, if a lunch costs you $8.65, Bundil rounds it up to $9.00 and invests the remaining $.35.

This user-friendly app links to your credit card or debit card and choosing your favorite cryptocurrency you wish to invest as well as deciding how you want to invest. This app is the brainchild of Dmitri Love, founder, and CEO of Bundle App. The users of this app do not need to monitor the prices or market or wait until they have a large amount of money to transfer to the right account.

You may see a shift in the market and wish to buy an extra $5 or decide to sell your coins; the Bundil App helps you to do either of these easily and safely at any time. And also if you are planning to take a break from the investment, you can snooze your account and purchases will not be rounded up and invested. Get back when you are ready for it.Bundil App

How to Download Bundil App?

Bundil App can be downloaded on iOS App Store. The app allows you to invest your spare change from daily purchases into cryptocurrency. The app is also a simple way for new users. Latest version of Bundil App gives you the choice to choose which type of cryptocurrency you like to purchase and also the ability to switch to another as you move forward.

Bundil is compatible with hundreds of banks so you can be safe to link your debit cards and credit cards with Bundil App. It rounds up transactions from your daily spending to the nearest dollar and invests in the crypto of your own choice.

It tracks your portfolio growth and handles your currencies without leaving Bundil App and the best part is that you can snooze investing any time. At this time, your purchases will not be rounded or used for investment. Save your spare change and begin micro investing today. Download the ios Bundil App from the app store.Bundil App Download

How to Install Bundil App?

After you have downloaded the Bundil App from the Apple app store, you click on the install icon to install the app. Track your investments from the app and put a pause to them at any time. You can also withdraw as well as buy extra at any given time. The app is really reliable especially for new users who may not much about cryptocurrency.

Bundil App has Coinbase which is a safe and secure exchange. This denotes that the app simply handles the transactions for you. So why wait for more. Get started with Bundil App today.

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