Cambridge Analytica App is an Android & iOS app that harvest facebook data as shown in news. But still is not confirm yet Cambridge Analytica scandal or any app. It harvests facebook users data which can’t be seen without any permission, but it harvests them.

Just 53 Australians used Facebook app responsible for Cambridge Analytica breach So was this when Kogan recruited MTurk users in 2014? He tricked them & also took their friends data, ~340 friends each back then.

Most of the people think the name is This Is Your Digital Life App or Cambridge Analytica app. But Actually, This Is Your Digital Life App is it the name of the app which is developed by Cambridge Analytica.

Cambridge Analytica App

Cambridge Analytica App Review

It is an online Android & iOS app that send private messages to users, and ask them to play a quiz. So by playing a quiz, it harvests their all the information. But still it was not confirmed yet, it is an app or what.
Mark Zuckerburg recently took down the app and demanded that the app developer and Cambridge Analytica stop using the data they had. And the facebook confirmed that 1500 users gave This Is Your Digital Life App access to their users. That send and receive messages privately.

This Is Your Digital Life App

Download This Is Your Digital Life App

The app was available to download from play store. But as of now, the app is not available on play store and won’t be available anywhere. But still, you are looking for the This Is Your Digital Life App can be download from some sources.

But it would not be available in future as facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg ask the developer to take down the application. And, also spoke them to stop using their Facebook users data that they had now.

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