What is Carga Sube Beta Apk?

Carga Sube Beta Apk is an application that allows you to credit electronic charges and outstanding balances. You can check your balance at the real-time and check if it has a social rate. The app is not launched yet. However, you can still download and install the app as a beta version.

A beta version is a kind of an app that is in a test. This means that the app is not finished developing. Usually, a beta version is released for the app that has a huge fan following. With the help of your feedback, they make all the necessary changes before the app is released officially.

Currently, Carga Sube Beta Apk is allowing only 10,000 downloads. So no time to waste, rush to the Play store and download this app. You can also use our direct download link to download and install the Carga Sube Beta Apk. The app is a bit of unstable. This is because as mentioned before, the app is in development.

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How to Install Carga Sube Beta Apk on your Android phone?

You can easily install Carga Sube Beta Apk on your phone since the app is available in the Google Play store. IOS users, don’t feel disheartened, the app is available in the iTunes App store as well. You can also install the APK of this app. Let me show you the steps.Carga Sube Beta Apk

First, download the APK of this app using our download link. Navigate to your Android device and get into the security settings where you have to make sure that the option allows installation from unknown sources is enabled. Once you enable the sources, open the downloaded APK file and then accept all the permissions required by this app to run the Sube Beta App on your device.

Now, you will see an Install button on the bottom. Click on that button to start the installation of the Carga Sube Apk. After that don’t become impatient. Wait until an installation success message is displayed to you on your device. After that, when the app will install on your mobile, it will be ready to be opened for the first time usage from your app gallery or sometimes, chances are that a shortcut may have been already created on the homepage of your device.

After that, open the application and enjoy uploading Sube by bringing the card to your device. You can also help the developer of this app by installing the beta version from the Play store and by providing your feedback to them.


Below are the answers to one of the most frequently asked questions by the visitors? If you cannot find your answer, ask them in the comments section down below and feel free to ask us over there.

  1. How do I know whether the app is compatible with my cell phone 

Login to Play store and download it. If your phone is not compatible, a sign will come preventing you to do so.

  1. How many Charges Can I credit?

You can credit up to 10 charges.

  1. Does it work for all Phones?

No, for the moment, it works only on some Android devices.


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