About CarStream Apk

CarStream Apk 2.0.4: Today many apps are useful in one or another way. Technology has made everything very flexible and so now you can handle everything through your phone. Some apps can give you complete entertainment by listening to songs, videos and even movies on your phone.

One such platform which is very popular and in-demand is YouTube but it becomes difficult to enjoy it while you are in the car. But today with Android Auto CarStream 2019 No Root it is possible to watch YouTube videos and movies directly on your Android Auto unit of the car with the help of this app.

People who have toddlers with them on a long journey it becomes difficult to entertain them. So, for them, this app work as a boon as with this app gives you an add-on functionality to watch videos even in your car without any hassle.

CarStream Apk Free makes it very easy to play video in your car and thus you are carrying your entertainment source with you at every place. This handy app is very useful for all the car drivers who are traveling with family and wishes to make their journey enjoyable.

CarStream Apk
CarStream Apk

Explain the procedure to get videos on the AV system of the CarStream Apk?

To get YouTube videos on your car AV system you need to follow a complete process and must also fulfill some preconditions which are:

  1. The car should have an Android Auto unit installed.
  2. Android phone must be rooted and also have Magisk installed in it.

Once you are done with this follow steps properly to use this feature in your car through an android smartphone.

  • The first step is to install the CarStream Apk and Android Auto app in your smartphone from https://devfiles.co/download/8J3SkyWy/CarStream.apk respectively.
  • After the successful installation of the Android Auto app, open it in your phone and open the 3dots menu which is on the top right corner.
  • Tap on the “About Tab” from the menu which will take you to the about page. Tap on the top of this page about 12-13 times which will open the dialogue box with two options “Deny” and “Allow”. So, tap on the “Allow” option.
  • Again you have to tap on the same menu but this time it would also have “Developer Settings”. Here you have to enable options for using these features with your car system and these options are “Unknown Sources”, “Allow 720p Video Output”, “Allow 1080p Video Output”.
  • After completing this you have to again click on 3 dots menu and select “Start Unit Header Service” and lastly close the app. Connect your smartphone with the car screen through USB cable and you can see the Android Auto App home screen on the display. Please give all the required permission which is asked so that it can access your phone and then disconnect it.
  • Open the CarStream Apk on your phone and tap on three dots to click on the “Unlock” option. Restart your phone and you will get some warning on the display which are to be accepted to enjoy YouTube videos on your car AV system.

Just follow the above-mentioned process you can get your favorite videos from YouTube on the Android Auto unit and thus can give your complete entertainment even while driving.

The growing use of this app with android has inspired more developers to look out for such a useful app. CarStream Apk is quite easy to use and also offers all its features free of cost and thus without investing anything you can get entertainment even in the car.

So, if you also have an Android Auto unit in car and CarStream Apk it gives you an option to get entertainment even in Car.