What Is Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls Game?

There is a new action Castlevania game in development mode. And actually, the game looks good. Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls is already announced earlier this week.

This is an action based game which is not available to download for everyone, it’s only available in Japan app store. One more thing Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls game is only developed for iOS devices now.

There is no release date for the game so far but Konami announced that Japanese players can sign up an account for Beta version, which will be released in May. In the game, a Dracula kills the humans by drinking their blood.

But later he was killed and buried. and everyone thinks he is dead and will not come back. But he comes back alive.


And you are the player who needs to save others from that bloodsucker Dracula. The game is real-time and there are four players who fight the undead together. If players die in the stage they can resurrect each other.


Genya Arikado:

Genya Arikado and Lucy are the main characters of the story. He is a mysterious person from a secret department of the Japanese government. And he is the only a single person who can fight against Dracula.


Lucy is a researcher from the Anti-Dracula Research Organization. She is the youngest researcher and also she has unbelievable strength as a magician.

There is a beta test version currently open for the registration until the end of April. If you are an iPhone use visit to their official website and create an account with them by entering your email address and Apple ID.

How To Download Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls?

The game is currently not available to download and would not be available for all countries yet. because they only developed Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls game for Japanese for iOS. But we have different ways to download check out below steps.

Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls iOS

In order to download and install Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls game for iOS you required a VPN for your iOS device. But you are a Japanese and lives in Japan then you can download it without any VPN application.

  1. Download a Free VPN and install it.
  2. Open VPN and connect it in Japan.
  3. Now open iTunes store and search for the game.
  4. Now install Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls for iOS.

Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls Android

As currently the game is not released and also release date is not finalized for Android device. So you have to wait for the next announcement if they release Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls game for Android.

If Game is released on Play store or anywhere, but for Japanese only so in this condition you can connect VPN.

  • Open play store and search for the VPN and install it.
  • Once installed open and connect with Japan.
  • Again open play store and tap on the search bar.
  • And search “Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls”.
  • Now you can tap on install.

Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls Apk

If you are not sure and do not know the way of downloading so you have to download Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls Apk file in order to download and play the game online.

Here you can get Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls apk without any malware and virus. Just tap on the download Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls Apk button which is provided below, make sure to unlock the download link.

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