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caution app blocked com.quvideo.xiaoying :- Google is planning to launch a new messaging app for all handset users such as Android, iOS, and PC. For this reason, Google has sent out email invites to a few audiences for testing out its upcoming Reply app. According to the sources, the app has been leaked online by APKMirror.com website.

The app boasts that the info and details from the phone are not stored for any other reasons. The app is available for all devices to download such as Android, iOS, and PC.  The new version of the app has many interesting and unique features. The app enables you to read notifications, check your calendar and track location and much more.

After you have downloaded the app, you need a Google ID to access the app. After that, you can give the app access to read notifications, check your calendar and track locations to provide contextual replies. The app also has other amazing features like Do Not Disturb while driving.

How to Download the Caution App?

If you wish to download this amazing app, we suggest you download it from the Google Play store. Do keep in mind that you can always request official access to this app via Google Docs Form. So what exactly is this app? Caution app is a regular messaging app, just like Whatsapp-the most popular one, Twitter DMS and Facebook Messenger.caution app blocked com.quvideo.xiaoying

The email invites which Google has sent are to only a limited people so chances are that you may not get this invite. No problem, you can still download this app through our blog and start chatting. You must get ready for blazingly fast replies. The first and the most basic version was created on February 1, 2018, and the most recent and the sleekest version date May 12, 2018, respectively.

No description about the app is found in the APKMirror Website, which turns out to be a bit of distraction for all new installers who want to install the app. The experiment of the app was an excellent success, no doubt about it. But Google has now sent an email to all the experimental users saying that the experiment is now over.

Users who used to depend on this app will be in a bit of disappointment but you can still use the apps for the next few months. And also you can experience bugs in the next few months. So hurry to APKMirror before this app is completely taken out.

How to Install the Caution App?

Right now, APKMirror is your only source for installing this app. No other browsers offer this app. Click on Install on the version which you desire. Never forget to allow installations from unknown sources. The beta version is also available for installation.

We really like this feature in which the app senses your location and if it senses that you are driving or riding, it will automatically put itself to DO NOT DISTURB MODE. So register on the app and start using it.

You will really love this messenger; a lot thanks to its unique features so please without wasting any more time, install the app as it can be taken down any minute. Also keep in mind that the download link of this app is locked and will not unlock unless you share.

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