What is Clonador Perruno 2020 (Clonador Chino Apk)?

There are different types of app in the market that are very useful and can save time. But some apps give you the option to clone some of the official apps. This cloning app can help to create multiple accounts of an app on the same android device. The Clonador Perruno 2020 (Clonador Chino Apk) is also known as a dual app as it creates a clone of many social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. Thus you are not just accessing multiple accounts but having clones of the app with any customize icons.

Before this you need to have different mobile or need to change login to manage accounts from the same app. This might create confusion and need to carry more than 1 smartphone but the clone app has made it very easy. You can manage multiple accounts within a single android device without spending a single penny. The app is available on Google Play store so just write the name “clonador teamnbm apk” to get an app in your device.

Features Of Clonador Perruno 2020 (Clonador Chino Apk)

  • The Clonador Perruno 2020 (Clonador Chino Apk) is free to use for everyone. Moreover, to avoid any sort of disturbance this app does not contain any ads.
  • This app is compatible with both 32-bits and 64-bit app. So, there is no problem and you can clone any of the apps you are using in the device.
  • This clone app is very beneficial for gamers as they can have multiple copies of their favorite games with different accounts.
  • Cloning of app is done through a VPN but you are not required to pay anything for it. This app uses the best secure VPN so that you can even have clones of foreign apps on your phone.
  • The apps allow you to keep two different versions of the same app. Moreover, you can keep one updated with the latest version while others can have an old version within your android device.
  • You can have multiple copies of the app where settings can be different. Moreover, you can give a name and change icon on the new app based on your choice.
  • This app has introduced three magic stickers like “Kiss of Love, Flying Tomato and Nothing to do”. These emoticons can be used while interacting on social media platforms.
  • You are not only free to change the name and icon but also the mode of the app. Thus the mode of multiple apps can be set based on your choices like dark mode, gold mode, Night mode, Cyan mode and blue mode.
  • The clone apps will help to maintain different accounts in a single device. It means you can have WhatsApp, Facebook and other such apps with different credentials.

So, if you are also required to manage different accounts of the same app just download and install the clone app. You can have multiple clones of a single app that can be known by the new name and thus make it easy to manage everything.

How to install Clonador Perruno 2020 (Clonador Chino Apk) on Android?

  1. Go to device settings, then Security.
  2. Enable unknown sources.
  3. Find the .APK file on your phone’s internal or external storage.
  4. Launch Clonador Perruno 2020 (Clonador Chino Apk) .APK file and follow the below instructions.
  5. Disable unknown sources for your device safety, this step is optional but recommended.
  6. If you have any other problem with installing any app please contact us using the Contact Form.
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