Corona Melder App

Coronavirus pandemic has made life miserable for all. To protect people and stop the spread of the virus Government is taking different steps. Many countries have already introduced COVID apps that would help people stay updated and maintain social distance from the COVID positive person. Netherland Government is no far behind and has come up with a coronavirus notification app for the Netherlands’ people.

This app is “Corona Melder App” and is developed under the Ministry of Health supervision and support. The app is useful not only for people but also to help Municipal Health Services (GGD) get the number of COVID-19 positive people.

People should download this app and will alert all users is they have passed by an infected person. It is not mandatory, but as many people join, it becomes easy to break the chain.

Corona Melder App

What is Corona Melder App?

Corona Melder App is the official app of the Netherland that is used to notify users near any infected person in recent times. It is an official app developed for people of the Netherlands and helps the Government get the count. The working of the app is effortless, and it is made sure that no personal information is used.

The app is designed in such a way that COVID infected person can itself update their information in the app. It would warn other people to maintain distance and, in all will help to break the spread of the virus. The best part is there is no need to enter any personal information in the app and other users are notified through Bluetooth. Even if you close the app, it remains active in the background and helps people be safe from the virus.

Corona Melder

How does Corona Melder App work?

The app only uses only Bluetooth data to send a notification to users. It would help to check if you are near the COVID positive person and thus send information accordingly. The app would no access your location or personal details for sending notifications. The whole working of the app will help people of the Netherland to stay safe from the infection.

If any user of the app is tested positive by GGD, they can warn other people who were around them. The warning is also anonymous, and so there is no fear of lacking personal information. It is an initiative through which the COVID positive person can itself notify others and help to stop the spread of the virus.

The app will send a notification if you have nearby a person for at least 15 minutes, but later on, he or she tested positive. The COVID positive person must also be using the app to send a warning.

If any user is tested positive and updated its information in the app, a random code would be sent. These codes would also be sent to the GGD, and so they will call for confirmation. To maintain confidentiality, GGD will also ask random code, and on affirmation, other users would send the notification. Thus the whole process works on random codes, and so details are revealed.

Corona Melder App Download

How is the app safe to use?

  • The app can be installed from the Google play store and there is no need to enter any personal information in the app.
  • Contact in the app is stored in the form of anonymous code. Rando codes are exchanged through Bluetooth if you pass by any COVID positive person. The details like duration and distance are also unknown.
  • The codes that are exchanged through Bluetooth are deleted from the phone after 14 days.


  1. How to install Corona Melder in the device?

This official Coronavirus notification app is available on the Google Play store. So, people of the Netherlands can install from the play store and stay updated. Everyone should join this community to reduce the number of infections in the Netherlands.

  1. Is the app secure and safe?

Yes, Corona Melder is entirely safe and secure, as no personal information is used in the app. Anonymous codes are used to know the infected person, and even other users are also warned through code.  So, everything is unknown, and even developers could not get the name of users.

Corona Melder is one of the ways that can help people get notified if they were in contact with the positive corona person in the near time. The app is entirely safe and secure, as developers or the Government uses no personal information. Every process in the app is done through anonymous code, and so nothing is revealed to anyone.