Everything you need to know about the Cvigil Investigator App

Cvigil Investigator App: In today’s world we find it very difficult to track complaints on Moral Code of Conduct violators due to lack of fast information. This results in culprits escaping detection from the flying squad of the election commission.

Another reason for the lack of enforcement of Moral Code of Conduct is the lack of untampered evidence like pictures or videos. There is also an absence of robust system to quickly reach the spot with the help of geographical location details.

All these factors have hampered the election officer’s ability to reach the spot on time to apprehend the violators. So the new Cvigil Investigator App was launched by the Election Commission to create a fast track complaint reception.

The app is in a way an innovative mobile app for the citizens to readdress their complaints against the violators of Moral Code of Conduct during the elections. The Cvigil Investigator App stands for the Vigilant Citizens. It also stresses the role citizens can play in the conduct of free and fair elections.

Cvigil Investigator App
Cvigil Investigator App

The android app is very easy to operate and is user friendly. The main aim of the app is to report violations from the date of notifications for bye elections or assembly or parliamentary elections.

The Cvigil Investigator App also allows the users Live photos and videos along with auto location capture so that the flying squads can reach the exact area on time. The CVIGIL app is compatible with all the android devices and is available on the Google Play store and cvigil.eci.gov.in. 

The app lets the citizens to report on incidents of political misconduct immediately within minutes of witnessing. They do not have to rush to the office of the returning officer and wait for long for their complaints to be registered.

The app connects the citizens directly with the District Control Room, Returning Officer and Field Unit teams thus leading to a rapid and accurate reporting action and monitoring system.  One has to simply either click a picture or capture a short video of the activity violating the Moral Code of Conduct. Then he has to describe the activity and then register the complaint in the app.

After the uploading of the photo or the video, the citizen gets a unique ID with which he can track as well as receive updates o his mobile. The user of the app can also register complaints without revealing his identity or his name.

But the drawback in this case will be that the person will not get any status messages. So now the citizen has registered the complaint in the app, the information beeps in the District Control Room and from there it goes to the Field Unit.

Each Field Unit will have a GIS-based mobile app which will help them to reach the location directly. Now if the complaint registered is found true, then it is sent to the National Grievance Portal of the Election Commission of India for further action. But the app will be active only in States where elections have been announced.