What is the cVIGIL Training App?

cVIGIL Training is an easy to use Android app which will be available in the cities where election has been announced. The app developers have made sure that the beta version is always available to the public and also to the electoral staff so that they can get used to app quite well and be prepared whenever there is the need to use the app in times of the election.

The app has been created with the main aim of helping against the violations of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) which usually happens during the election times.

The app allows easy and quick action of reporting to the officials of any such misconducts which can get reported in just minutes when one witnesses them.

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The identity of such complaints will be kept confidential. So, the citizen clicks the picture or records a 2 minute video of any MVCC he or she sees live and then uploads it in to the app. The app will then trace the location using the geographic information system and then the photo or the video gets uploaded for immediate action.

cVIGIL Training App
cVIGIL Training App

How to download and Install the cVIGIL Training app in to your Android devices?

The cVIGIL Training app is available on the Google Play Store and hence can be downloaded and installed easily as and when required. The app can also be downloaded from the Official website of the cVIGIL Training website if you cannot download the app from the Play Store.

Enter your details and personal info when asked for and then continue to use the app during the times of election in your respective cities.

What are the features of the cVIGIL Training App?

  • The cVIGIL Training app has got a user-friendly interface which allows all of the citizens to send pictorial witness of the MCC or the model code of conduct violations. The app is one of the helpful apps so far.
  • Each one of the reported incidents will get tracked and then scrutinised from the beginning to the end, to make sure that all things are right and then necessary action will take place further.
  • The Geographical information system allows easy and fast tracking of the uploaded photos and videos by the citizens who witness MCC and thus allows for immediate tracking.
  • The app is sure to make the citizens strong in their decisions and not sit quite in times of MCC during the election times which usually is kept silent up on. The app is sure to help in conducting free and fair elections.
  • The app has also been made sure to accept only complaints about Model Code of Conduct violations. The app does not allow uploading any pre-recorded or old images and videos. As the app has been made active only in States where elections have been announced, there is no chance for any violation or misuse of the app features.

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