Daisie is a new application Co-founded by the game of thrones star “Maisie Williams” with producer Dom Santry. Couple of celebrities including popular artiste Ed Sheeran has been approached for involvement(hosting) the Q & A in her role as the Chief innovative officer.According to the press,  Daisie is an app created to “revolutionalize the way youths make use of social media” by creating other social activities e. g music etc.

Williams is known for the role she played in legendary t. V series “game of thrones “, delving into the world of technology is a welcome idea.

“By removing the incentive to market personal lives for popularity, our users will not be drowned out by the noise of snack-snaps and selfies alike,” she tweeted. She also said, “As a writer, you’ll have the ability to connect with creatives across industries — inspiring progression and collaboration.”
Daisie App

Who Is Maisie Williams? 


Williams was born on the 15th of  April 1997. She’s an English actress who broke into the limelight through her acting debut as Arya Stark in the HBO t.v series Game Of Thrones in 2011. She has won series of awards such as the Emmy Award, Saturn award, portal award etc, Williams is widely recognized as a terrific actor.

Daisie App Launch

The newborn (Daisie app) was launched on Wednesday the 1st of Aug, 2018. Williams aims to revolutionalize the way youths\ young people use social media. She was spotted in San Francisco about a month ago trying to source for funds from investors for the app. It was gathered from a very reliable source that,  although,  Williams has been able to secure funds for Daisie app, however,  she has committed any personal investment to the project.

How To Download Daisie Apk

Daisie apk is available for download on iOS and Android mobile devices, it is free and easy to download.

Daisie Apk

Aims and Objectives of Daisie app

From a reliable source, William said: “the aim of Daisie is to combat a who-you-know culture in creative industries by connecting people and hosting interviews with big name actors, musicians, and designers”.

Daisie app gives us a new glimpse into the vast world of creativity by the development of skills development of your skills, pushing individuals to keep moving ” she explained on Twitter.

Also, Daisie app aims at breaking barriers in the industries the platform is focused on. According to a press release, She said “Our industries were specifically chosen; they are raw forms of communication that can benefit one another, we hope that creators of all styles and industries will be empowered to collaborate with people from every corner of the world, and find the inspiration to reach out of their comfort zone and work on projects that may be new to them or that may not fit into their canon of work.”

It is focused on forming a community that embraces those into fashion, music, photography, art, film, and literature for connection.

In conclusion,  Daisie is the latest app making waves,  it’s available free download is available for iOS and Android users.

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