What is Dfndr Security APK?

DFNDR Antivirus, Booster & Cleaner is an app which allows you to improve your Android device’s safety and performance by removing the unwanted viruses and spyware and helps to enhance its battery lifetime with a special battery booster feature.

With the help of this app, you will even have more space to keep your media and message, since this app clears cache and junk files, providing you with more storage space for the things you have always wanted.

DFNDR by PSafe which is also known as DFNDR Security on Google Play is yet another jack-of-all trades, like Avast Mobile Security or CM Security Master, giving antivirus as the primary focus while keeping a whole host of features working to allegedly make your device run faster, safer and cooler.

How to install Dfndr Security APK?

The DFNDR Apk is available on the Google Play Store and can be easily downloaded from the store by logging in to your store id. Once the installation is complete, your app is ready to use and keep your mobile safe.

Dfndr Security APK
Dfndr Security APK

What are the features of the Dfndr Security APK?

  1. Anti-Theft.
  2. App Lock.
  3. Call Blocker.
  4. Security Scan.
  5. Anti-Hacking.
  6. Lock screen Charge Monitor.
  7. Memory Booster.
  8. Quick Clean Up.
  9. Notification Cleaner.

Set Up and Support:

The Setup for DFNDR is reasonably quick. It will take approximately 7 minutes to install the app, enable its components and adjust the settings. The initial malware scan will take just over a minute, and probably is the biggest slowdown in the whole process.

DFNDR can actually be awarded for its stripped-down support. Support is one of the primary options in the menu, which comes as a surprise when you first see it, particularly for a free app. Once you click on the menu, you will see that the support section with four blank fields for Name, Email, Subject and Message.

How is the user interface of the Dfndr Security APK?

The DFNDR acts as a very smart app in keeping your mobile smarter and faster. The frequency with which DFNDR flashed any device is very good and helps to avoid damage to the battery by installing a charging-monitor app.

We should give DFNDR the credit as it does keep the ads to a minimum in the main screens of the app, with just one in the primary Performance tab and nothing at all in the Tools tab on the main screen. DFNDR is also best in the Performance section, as well as its in-house blog posts, which feature fairly self-serving articles that sell users on the value of the DFNDR app.

  1. Is Dfndr security safe?

Dfndr security is an anti-virus and anti-hacking app for Android which has got the performance optimization dedicated to keeping your smartphone safe from hackers. DFNDR security pronounced “defender”, has got more than 130 million installations globally, is already a top-rated antivirus software by the AV-TEST Institute.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s help our mobiles too!

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