Dokkan Battle 4.1.1 Apk: Get to play with the legendary characters from the Dragon Ball Universe and also discover a new story in this game of Dokkan Battle APK. It all begins with Trunks landing his time machine in a universe where you can find the Dragon Ball time’s lines are mixed beyond any repair.

You have a great challenge to solve by facing your opponent who are the terrifying Cell and Freezer to Tao Pai Pai and also the evil Vegeta which comes from the Babidi’s saga.

Unlike the other battling games, the Dokkan Battle APK is a bit unique one as you do not have to control your characters directly but press on the Ki spheres to fight. Also you can activate different combos with the help of different characters making spectacular combos with amazing animations.

Once you are into the game you will love its spectacular graphics. This is an official product different from other games. You will fall in love with the animations, story, the character designs and much more all of which is impeccable.

Dokkan Battle 4.1.1 Apk
Dokkan Battle 4.1.1 Apk

The game will change the course of the universe under the directions of Trunks and King Kai. The players will get to fight many battles in the game which is clearly understood by the title of the game. The players will get many Z- Fighters who will fight against each other in the game.

You will love the battle style in the game as it is a perfect combination of color matching game with a board game. Match the Ki balls on the screen to defeat the opponents. You will find traps, collectible items, fighter encounters etc.

The game gets interesting as you play on. The game gives you a nostalgic feeling of Dragon ball characters.  It is a free to play game with unique style game for a Dragon Ball game.

The Game Play of Dokkan Battle 4.1.1 Apk

So this is only a puzzle type of game and very easy to play. The players will not find it difficult as there are no much tricks to get the best outcome in playing the game.

As the game is only about puzzle, the players will only have to master and concentrate the ways in which making matches of the Ki balls in the game. So if you are an expert in the puzzle game, you will not find any difficulty playing this game.

Updates in the Dokkan Battle 4.1.1 Apk

  • The new version has added a new feature called Portal of Memories.
  • The players can now check the number of missions on the Event pages.
  • The players can now relax and play as there is no time limit to claim mission rewards.
  • The players can claim all the mission rewards in one move.
  • Allowed to select more than one Category when you are using the Filter option.
  • The new version has adjusted User interface for the users.
  • Above all it has fixed some bugs.

In short, the game seems to be simple and interesting.


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