Doodle army 2: Mini militia is a multi-user game where you can fight against different enemies on the amazing maps. This has become the most preferred party games of all youths. You can use a range of weapons to kill your rivals. In this game, you will manage a fun character, which you can pick among many different characters. Move the hero on the field aching with unique jet boots. Fly failure, overcome obstacles and lead continuous fire from different weapons, from machine guns and sniper rifles to grenade launchers and flamethrowers. Practice in one-player mode and play with your friends.
While the one player is a bit disappointing. Mini-Militia has organized itself on the multiplayer aspect. The one player consists of a tutorial on a principal controls and the likes and involves shooting robots to get a top score. But the multiplayer is where Doodle Army 2 shines. In LAN play, a total of six players can enjoy at once through Smartphone hotspot. Here you can pick any weapons you want and you can use duals as well. The user with the most kills wins. The same rules apply for internet play, but you gain points which you can use in store to buy upgrades such as grenades, etc. further, there are 2 points system, one for expertise which is dependent on how much deaths you average per game, and rankings – which you get points for each kill you earn. A record is kept of your kill/death ratio as well as you can match with friends.
The design is habitually and independently linked with the war and the soldier’s gunfire theme. The developers rightly transferred it to the front players, hand weapons and the damage of specific for the sake of undermining the dangerous plan. This 9apps games has tailored familiar patterns but already revolves around different player war, where every player, even if found on the internet can become a malicious enemy or loyal ally.
Weapons and capabilities
Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia player is advised if you enjoy playing with different kind of weapons, the high threshold of entry and real competitive complexity. The player’s job is to participate in a multiplayer war, survival feature and open cooperative transmission places to memorize the basics of virtual war and get the highest pleasure.
Overall, Mini Militia is a sensitive operation with futuristic and modern weapons.
⦁ Lightweight
⦁ Amazing multiplayer
⦁ Free with in-app purchases
⦁ No in-app download necessary
⦁ A profile is saved on your Google account

⦁ No story mode
⦁ Average single player mode
⦁ Not an accessible in some regions
⦁ Too many weapons are for a paid app only
⦁ Some maps are not conducive for play
⦁ In game, hacks are too simple to get
The verdict
While Mini Militia is modest at a glance, this game is cool. It brings out the competitiveness of family and friends, making it a hot among school-aged kids. The graphics, weapons and full gameplay make this a remarkable game and the internet experience impressive.

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