Douyin Apk

Everyone might have used or at least heard about the famous Chinese app TikTok which is uses for making short videos. This app is available in the global market and has gained an immense fan following within a short time. Users can create short videos, add music, and other filters along with the option to share it on the different social medial platform. This app was also used as a source of income by promoting any product and getting traffic. But do anyone know this app has other versions for the Chinese market and it is “Douyin Apk”.

What is Douyin?

Douyin Apk is the Chinese TikTok app where users can create short videos and post it to get followers. Douyin is very similar to TikTok but both are working on different servers. TikTok is for the global market while Douyin is for the Chinese market and both are under the same company name. The User Interface of the app is very simple to use and has all options that can give the best visual impression to the recorded videos. Navigation is an app that is quite easy and some prompts will guide if you are a beginner.

Initially, Douyin was only for people of china but its growing fan following has made people all over the world to use it. So, now it is possible to have TikTok and Douyin both in the same devices without any interference. The app is divided into multiple categories and you can find many Chinese celebrities sharing video content.

Douyin Apk

How to install Douyin Apk?

Douyin Apk is available in China Play store but is you are not in China and willing to get the app just follow the below mentioned process:

  • This apk can be downloaded from the official website and so click at where you can find the Android option. Clicking on it will start to download the apk file.
  • Once the app is downloaded in your device, go to android settings -> security -> Enable “Unknown Sources”. This would allow you to install a third-party app in your device without any interruption.
  • Navigate to the downloaded folder and click on the apk file to start the installation process. You will get prompt “Do you want to install the application” and click on the “Install” button will start the process.
  • Wait for few seconds to get the installation complete and on successful installation, you can use the app.

First, you need to create the account by entering all the required details and thus start enjoying videos that are uploaded by other creators. You can also record video and upload in the app to get a good fan following and even earn money through advertisement. Features

  • The Interface is quite simple along with easy navigation so that everyone can use it. Douyin is the platform where you can post videos and even watch that are created by other risers for fun and entertainment.
  • The app is equipped with various filters and effects that can add to make your video look impressive.
  • Douyin is divided into various categories so that you can search for videos of your liking and enjoy it at any time.
  • Video once created and edited as required can be downloaded and be shared even on other social media platforms.


  1. How creators of video can earn money through Douyin?

Douyin is not only for creating short videos but also give the option to earn money. Paid endorsement or diverting traffic to the website can help to earn money. If you are quite popular and have a good fan following advertisement and commission is also a source of income.

  1. Why use Douyin?

Douyin is basically for China and globally it is TikTok. But with the growing demand of Douyin people are using it along with TikTok. This is also one of the best platforms where creators can post useful content and increase their followers. It is easy to target a particular type of audience through this app.

  1. Can we install the app in iPhone?

Yes, it is possible to install the app in iPhone. Visit the official site and click on the iPhone option to get link for installation of the app.

In all, it is possible for everyone no matter they are living in China r onto to install Douyin and post videos. The best part is you are using TikTok there won’t be any problem as both have the same User interface and even functionalities are also similar. Installation and creating accounts in the app are quite simple and thus people can show their talent to the world. So, if you too love creating short videos and posting on social network Douyin is also a good platform.