About E2pdf Apk

A very helpful application for retrieving call history of a mobile number, backup of contacts, messages, call logs, call and message statistics to a PDF file. This app can be very useful for you if you want to keep the call and SMS records in a separate portable document file (PDF).

The working or procedure of doing it through the app is very simple as most of the options are already appeared on the Home screen when you start the e2pdf apk.

E2pdf Apk

You can even directly upload your contacts or SMS backups to Google Drive, DropBox or at any other online cloud service through the inbuilt option available on the app. The app is very easy to operate and anyone with little technical knowledge can easily handle all the features.

Feature of e2pdf Apk

  • Call Log Backup

The call log is like the mobile phone’s directory containing each every information of each and every call dialed, received or missed. It would be very delightful if you can save this whole information on your permanent storage and can use it anytime you want whenever you want.

Your complete call log becomes a simple PDF document file which you can view through any PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat, Google Drive, and all other PDF viewers. The converted PDF file can also be easily shared using Social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

  • Specific Call Log Backup

If you don’t want the backup of the whole call log and you wish to retain the SMS and Call statistics backup of some specific contacts or mobile numbers then there is also an option available which lets you convert the call and SMS log details of the contacts you want to a PDF file.

This is one of the best features in the app as it also saves the storage space. It gives you a very presentable way to show the call and SMS statistics of a person.

  • Contacts Backup

Almost all the mobile contacts backup app usually saves the contacts details in the .vcf or any other format which is basically not user readable and can’t be presented as a document. If you wish to make an exact same copy of your contacts but in a Portable Document File (PDF) then e2pdf is a great option for that.

Just like a phone directory, all the details like Name, Phone number, Work Number, Email address, Home address, Birthday, Special events and much more of your mobile phone’s contacts you can store in a simple tabular form.

  • SMS Backup

e2pdf not only offers the services to backup contacts and call logs but it can also store all the details and conversations in a PDF format. Also you can store the details of SMS statistics of all the messages received and sent.

How to download e2pdf apk?

The e2pdf apk is not available in Google Play store but you can download it through many other Android application downloading websites just search on Google. Download the app and install it, for installation you will have to enable the “Install from unknown sources” option through the settings.