Eat Out To Help Out App

Eat Out To Help Out App
Eat Out To Help Out App

Coronavirus has not only affected the lives of people but also the economy of countries. It is getting very hard to get back and so there are various schemes launched that can benefit people and government. In this pandemic, people avoid going out for shopping or even for dining. But again life is getting back and so a new app has been launched which will help users to save money on dining. His app is “Eat Out To Help Out App” which is about to get launched in the coming days.

What is Eat out to help out?

Eat Out To Help Out App is an app that will help diners to find out restaurants, cafes, or pubs that are offering a great discount. The app is not only to help diners but also helping the hospitality business to get back on track. It is a form of a scheme that will help restaurants to get people and also support themselves and other staff members. In the pandemic, this industry is suffering a lot and so the chancellor Rishi Sunak came up with this discount idea.

The idea to introduce this app was laid by Manchester entrepreneurs Michael Lawes and Jordan Ray. It is not necessary that all restaurants give out this type of offer but many of them are enrolling to get back their business. This app works as a platform or both restaurants and customers to benefit from -the scheme. Many big names in the industry are linked up with the app to support their restaurant.

How does Eat Out To Help Out App works?

The government has announced a 50% discount on meals in August to get the economy back on track. This announcement has been working as a relief to diners and restaurants as they can get good discounts on meals. Eat out to help out app works as the pal from where restaurants can get diners while customers can get a discount on their bill. The app works as follows:

  • Fist download the app and you need to select whether it’s customer or business. It means a new restaurant can also create an account to get a link up with the app.
  • Customers can register themselves with the app. It would require them to select the region and also enter the postal code to get nearby places.
  • After successful registration, they can use the app and click on “near me” option on the home screen to get a list of restaurants, pubs and cafes who are giving out discounts.
  • If you are looking to get yourself enrolled in the app as a business just create the profile and get your business featured.
  • It also has the option to contact the team and solve all the queries related to the app.

How is the discount calculated under the scheme?

The discount scheme is mainly to offer £10 ahead that includes both adult and child. It means if any customer orders some food items that cost £20 they will have to pay £10. But if someone orders a meal that costs them £30 still the customer has to pay £20. It won’t be a 50% discount as the main aim is to offer £10 discount per person and not more than it. 

This app is the best way to get a discount instead of vouchers. There are no chances of fraud with a direct discount for the restaurants that are mentioned in the app. So, be ready and install the app on its release to save on dining.


  1. Why was Eat out to help out launched?

The Vice-chancellor of Rishis Sunak regarding the discounts but it is not possible for customers to know whether their favorite place is on the list or not. So, with the help of the app diners can check out the list of places that are offering these discounts. It becomes easy to search for the dining place based on the pin code.

  1. When would the app stats its execution?

Eat Out To Help Out App will be starting from 3rd August and will go till 31st August. The discounts would be offered on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

  1. Is there any limit to get a discount?

There is no limit on the number of times you can use this discount offers in the month. You can get a 50% discount on meals for August on the mentioned days in some of your favorite dining places.