What is Ehteraz Apk?

Ehteraz Apk is an application that is launched for all of the mobile users for being aware and updated about the latest updates related to the pandemic attack of coronavirus in Qatar. It was released on 25 April 2020 but it was updated on 6 June 2020.

It is directed by the Director of the Public Health Department at the Ministry of Public Health. It is for the all categories which are related to Qatari Community so with the help of this they spread the awareness, some of the tips to protect the citizen from the virus and via this applications, you are also getting benefited by the protection methods.

This application helps citizens so that if any citizen comes in contact with the contact of Corona patient then you are getting the alert immediately on your mobile screen. As each and every one of you loved your loved ones so with the help of this application you can also protect your family from being in contact with the Corona Positive patients.

Details Of the APK

Apk Size 9.2 MB
Android Version Requires Android 6.0+ and up
DeveloperMinistry Of Interior - Qatar
CategoryFree Health & Fitness APP

Content Rating Rated for 12+

Screenshots Of the Application

How To Ehteraz Apk Download For Android?

The director of public health tells that there is a simple process for downloading this application.It can be downloaded from Play Store and Apple store both.

How To Install Ehteraz App?

Once you are done with the installation of this application so you there are some steps that you must have to complete for the activation of this application. There are some Terms Conditions also applied in this and you have to put the genuine information in it after that you have got a verification PIN in your text message which you have to be filled after this the registration is done finally.

Once you have done with the installation and when you open the app you see the chart of health status having many colors in it showing the current status about the Covid-19. These charts have bars in which the grey colour tells you that the user doesn’t have Covid-19.

The next bar of grey color shows that the user may come in contact with the person having some symptoms of the virus and tested himself for the virus and is waiting for the report to come. The next bar is a yellow color bar which tells you about the individuals who are living under quarantine and the last bar which is of red color which shows that the person is infected with the coronavirus.

Ehteraz Apk have also some other pages in it:

A page for the latest statistics from the Ministry of Public Health.

It also has a page in which there are some contact numbers in case of any medical issues so you can contact easily.

The Director of the Public Health Department also said that we are taking care of all your data which you have filled in this application so we keep it confidential he also said that it is only given when necessary .

For Ehteraz Apk, it is a must to keep your Bluetooth always On. So with this, they are able to find the location of the infected person.It is also useful in giving the alert when it comes in contact with the infected person.It can also help you in maintaining social distancing.