India has come up with various apps which is mainly for Indian’s but also serving the global market. These apps are serving some purpose that can help people to make their work easy. Most of the people are social media freak and spend most of their time on it. There are many apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc. which are been used by people to post something or connecting with new people. But now no need to switch between app as there is a one-stop solution for social networking and it is “Elyments App”.

What is Elyments app?


Elyments is a social medial app that has features of many other social media apps clubbed in one. It means you just need to use one app for every use and thus get rid of switching between apps. This is an Indian app that is giving tough competition to other social media apps. Elyments is used for sharing talent and updates, conversation with friends, voice and video calls, etc.

People who are addicted to messaging can also find the option to have instant messaging with friends. You can find new friends, followers, media users and much more with this app. The features of the app make it unique and also getting a good response from people. This app is available in eight different languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, English, etc.

This Indian app has all the features along with privacy measures to make it the best. The interface of the app is very simple and gives you feel as if you are using different social media apps. The easy navigation has helped people to enjoy all features offered by the app.

Elyments App Screenshots (Images)

Elyments App Details

Apk Size13.6 MB
Android Version RequiresAndroid 5.0+ and up
DeveloperJean Roiber Cabanillas Torres
CategoryFree Social APP

Content RatingRated for 12+

How privacy is maintained in the app?

Privacy is an important concern when users are required to share their data on any network. This is just like a social media app and so the first thing that comes to mind is privacy. This app is designed by top IT professionals of India who make sure to use encryption and other such security measures for complete safety of data.

The user data that is been shared on the app is stored securely and is not allowed to be shared with any third party. This app is available on the global platform and makes sure there is complete privacy in the app. Proper authentication will only allow us to use the pap and thus it is safe to be used by people.

Elyments App Features

  • Endless Conversations

Elyments has instant messaging features so that you can have hours of conversation with friends living in any part of the world. IT also has the option to have group chat which will make you feel connected and cut out long distances.

  • Take perfect Images

If you have some photography skill it is a platform to polish it. The built-in filters along with AR characters that will make your picture-perfect. These pictures can be posted and thus create unforgettable movements. Many times you can get real feedback which will help to improve skills.

  • One world family

Elyments is an app that can help you to communicate with friend and family who are living apart. You can share new updates and get over with each other through voice or video calls. This single app will make you feel as if every person connected to you is just like a family.

  • Stay updated

You can stay updated with the latest activities of your friend along with events and news around the world. You are free to choose the topic of your interest and get the latest news about it.


  1. How to download the Elyments app?

This app is available on Google play store and also on Apps tore.SO, you just need to write the name of the app and click on it for installation on your device?

  1. Why install the app?

It is a clubbed app that comes with various features like instant messaging, video call, voice communication and much more. You are not required to switch between apps for all such services.

  1. Who is the founder of the app?

This app is developed by IT professionals in India. This is a complete Indian app that was launched by the Vice president of India to the world.

Indian has banned many Chinese apps and some are very popular among users. But don’t regret as many new Indian apps are equivalent to Chinese apps and also very interactive. Elyments is one such app which has the functionality of different social media app in just one app. This is a complete Indian app that is available in various Indian languages along with English to serve on the Global platform.