What do you mean by the Education Management Information System or the EMIS Attendance app?

EMIS Attendance App, Tnschools Attendance app: Education Management Information System is one of the applications which has been started recently in Tamil Nadu Schools. These days Government is finding it much easier to keep track of the education system especially in the rural places by getting the apps installed in each and every school.

With this app, not just the attendance but also the students assessments, and also the way they behave can also be assessed. Everyone is finding it very useful and quite simple to use the app. The app has got the friendliest user interface and therefore it can be used by the teachers with much ease.

How do the Teachers make use of this EMIS Application?

As discussed above, this app is very easy to use for the teachers and therefore they find it quite handy when using it. The teachers just need to install this app in to their mobile phones and then enter the attendance of the students in the app which will then get updated in to the central server on a daily basis.

There are more than or nearly 13,000 schools which are linked with the EMIS application. So, this has made the work of the teachers very easy where they just need to carry their mobile to get the app updated with the attendance rather than carrying the old-fashioned attendance registers.

EMIS Attendance App
EMIS Attendance App

This app has been created by the school education department’s Education Management Information System (EMIS) cell.

What are the benefits of using the EMIS app in the Schools?

The main aim with which this application was created is to keep a track of the students attendance in the schools and also to keep a regular track about their performance of their activities. This is mainly to help the students of the Government Schools in order to identify a potential kind of a dropout.

This data in the app will then be scrutinised by the State Project Director named Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan or the SSA. The officers of this organisation keep a regular track of the data and then if they find that a child has been absent for some time then they can take appropriate action in order to find the reason the child was absent for and also help the child if needed to.

The EMIS application has been created to ensure a clear and transparent result in both attendance and activities in the school especially in Tamil Nadu. The school teachers feel that the app is very useful as it has been developed to ensure that all the students go to school on time.

The app has been listed on the Education category of the app store and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. One can also download the EMIS app from the official website where they can get the app downloaded and installed into the device. This app is a  great move taken by the Tamil Nadu Government indeed!


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