Eskom Loadshedding App [2019 Latest Version] For Android, iOS & PC

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About Eskom Loadshedding App

Eskom Se Push App, Eskom Loadshedding App: To know the load shedding details of your area or locality, Eskom app is the best app for it. The app offers the users load shedding schedules and timings and also details on Municipality contact information for Municipality customers.

The app allows the users to view the present National load shedding time and the schedule for their suburb. The user of the app can know the status of the suburbs for a customer’s location and at the same time get details on National Power Status.

The app will also let you know the 1 day forecasted demand as against the actual demand. The load shedding information and details of the Eskom app can be viewed in three varied ways. One is the Calendar View. The Calendar view allows the user to toggle between weekly and monthly displays.

Then there is the Dial View. The Dial View gives the users information on load shedding available up to one week. Last but not the least is the Map View. The Map view displays icons of load shedding times and crowd source power outrages important for a particular day.

Eskom Loadshedding App
Eskom Loadshedding App

The app has an option to contact the Eskom through e mail. The Eskom app is also linked social media like Twitter and Facebook. The users of the app can tag an outrage on the map for crowd sourcing. The users can with the help of Eskom account number, Eskom Meter number, address or Geo location can search for an Eskom schedule.

The users are also given the option to switch alerts on or off to receive push notifications. The app has a watch list section which displays load shedding schedules for preferred areas. The app is really amazing as it gives awareness details and also the users can report about the safety hazards.

So it looks like the main aim of the app is to make the life of the people easier. The size of the app is 42.6 MB. The app is developed by Eskom Holdings Limited. And it requires iOS 8.0 or above to be able to running your device.

The app is compatible with devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The best part of the app is that it is free and is rated 4+. The app will notify the users about the load shedding that will take place in an area or locality.

Though many similar useful apps have been developed, the Eskom app has been created to help people by providing regular updates on the latest load shedding status, views of the forecasted power status and alerts to switch off the appliances and so on.

Features of the Eskom Loadshedding App

  • The Eskom app gives real time load shedding status.
  • The app offers power grid status monitoring.
  • Through the app, the users can get early alerts of scheduled load shedding in the specific area.
  • The app uses very low data.
  • The app has configurable status updated frequency.

In short it is a very good and accurate app and one will not regret after installing it.

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