Fantasy Funs App,Fantasy Fun Apk: Hey friends, yes, we are here again with yet another topic where we will be discussing on the fun topic. Fun means music? No fun also means Cricket.

There are few friends like me who are just crazy about the word and world of cricket. But what to do, our busy schedules and busy lives never allow, or I should rather say rarely allow us to watch a live cricket match.

Though, earlier we could sit in front of the tv and watch each and every moment which made the cricket even more special and our favourite stars rock and roll the ball over the boundary or cruise it over the sky for a six. We would sit back and watch all this happen with family.

But now, that we have no time for all this, we (including me), would love to get the live scores, together with getting to know how much our friends have scored and how well they have performed in the match. Great, right?

Fantasy Fun Apk

Fantasy app is an android mobile application which has got one of the most unique and fun ways of playing the cricket.

What are the features of the Fantasy Fun Apk?

  1. The Fantasy Fun app has got one of the most innovative and the best formats by which one can play Fantasy cricket. It is also quick rather than lagging behind.
  2. The game is very simple and interesting where you need to select from an upcoming match, then form your own team and then you are all ready to challenge your friends which is possible even on the social media.
  3. Once you start playing the match, you will be able to keep in track with all the ups and downs of your challenge and then you will be surprised to see that you will be able to keep in touch with the cricket match making use of the live tracking feature.
  4. The game becomes even more interesting and fun when you and your friends get to keep a track of the winning percentage together with your friends and then you will be able to rank each other’s skills.

How do you play the Fantasy Fun Game on your mobile?

Fantasy Fun game is one of the best cricket games which is available on the android app these days and slowly it is becoming the most popular one with an increased number of gamers downloading and installing the game.

In this game, the best thing is you select your game, you select your team and you select your rival to play the match with. In order to start playing, first you will need to register once you have downloaded the app from Fantasy Fun official website

Next go ahead and create your own team and then get to manage your team like a coach for them. Now start managing your account. The game is apt for kids and elders or in other words for all ages. Don’t spare your free time, when you can enjoy your game.

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