Fau-g Apk Download

Fau-g Apk Download – Indian and China are no longer on good terms, and so the Indian government has taken the initiative to cut out relations with China. The first step against the revolution was the banning of nearly 118 Chinese apps. Pubg is also on the list, and it has disheartened people who spent most of their time playing the game on their device.

Indian is getting self-dependent, and so currently, the news is roaming about Indian royal battle game Fau-g Apk. This app would be very similar to Pubg, as announced the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. All Pubg fans are eagerly waiting for the release of this app.

Fau-g Apk Download
Fau-g Apk Download

What is the Fau-g Apk Download?

Fau-g Apk is a royal battle game that would be very similar to Pubg. This gaming app is bene developed by nCore developers in Bangalore. It is a step for India’s Atmanirbahr mission, and it would showcase the sacrifice of Indian soldiers. The full name of the app is Fearless and United: Guards.

FAUG would also be a multi-player game that would be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This Indian version of the battle game would be a gift to all the Pubg lovers. Developers have not yet released any further details rearing the app, and it is under process to be released by the end of October.

How would Fau-g game be different from Pubg?

FAUG app would alps be a multi-player battle game and showcase the sacrifices done by the Indian soldiers for the nation. It would help people know more about them, and so it is decided that 20% of revenue obtained from the app would be donated. This donation would be in the name of Bharat Ke Veer, working for Indian soldiers’ welfare.

FAU G app is developed under the mentorship of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. The actor has also announced the news regarding FAUG through a tweet. Players would find the app quite engaging and hope to get it soon on the play store. The whole game is developed on Indian soldiers, and so Indians would feel connected.

According to the current information, FAUG’s first level would be released by the end of October. It would be based on the Galwan Valley and would also have shooting gameplay. This app would also support the mission of independency started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


  1. When would the FAUG app be released?

The app is expected to release by the end of October month. All Pubg fans are eagerly waiting for the launch of this royal battle game. One can watch the app trailer, but for playing, they have to wait till October.

  1. What makes the app exceptional?

The announcement of the app itself has created excitement among Indians. A Bangalore based company will develop the app. The app would feature Indian soldiers’ sacrifice, and so 20% revenue from the app would be donated to Bharat Ke Veer.

  1. How can FAUG app be downloaded?

The app would be released on the App Store and Google play store for iOS and Android users. Users would install the app from the store to have unlimited fun playing the battle game.

Fau g apk would have characters from the Indian Air force, and the whole gameplay would be very close to all Indians. The app is a replacement for Pubg and has features that players are looking for in the new game. So, wait for the release of the game to be part of this battle game.